The Versitile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Paulette from Cheerful Thrifty Door, has actually awarded my humble blog, The Versatile Blogger Award!  I was so surprised and amazed and grateful. I've already gotten new followers!!

Paulette's blog post about her Vera Neuman scarves inspired me to see if I could find some.  They were gorgeous and I have discovered how wonderful scarves are to dress up an outfit for a polished look.  I have found more than a dozen since then and love each one more than the last!  Please visit Paulette over at Cheerful Thrifty Door.  Following her blog has been a pure delight seeing all her thrifty finds!  I always love to visit. 

The Versatile Blogger Award rules are: You should pass the award on to 15 recently discovered blogs.  I'm following Paulette's lead however, and doing just a few, as I am a pretty new blogger and all my blogs are newly discovered.  Some of my choices follow me and some ignore me but these blogs I am awarding  I make sure I visit every new post.  Let the bloggers know that they have been nominated and share seven things about yourself.   Be sure and thank the award giver and link back to their blog.  Please place the icon of The Versatile Blogger Award somewhere on your blog page.
So here goes:  

Seven Things About Myself:

• I have recently moved to Florida from Ohio.
• I have four children, four children in law and four grandchildren.
• I've been married only once and we will celebrate 43 years next month.
• I have loved thrifting and junking since I was a kid.  I've always preferred "old"  to anything new.
• I sold and gave away of 2/3rds of my household stuff last summer in a gut wrenching series of yard sales in order to simplify my life.
• I have a shooting star on Ebay but haven't listed anything since 2006.  I have an Etsy shop but only listed one item in 2010.  It didn't sell.
• My favorite and most recommended book series is The Betsy Tacy book series by Maud Hart Lovelace.  .

Here, are the blogs that I have chosen to pass the award to. Take a few moments to check out these blogs and perhaps leave a comment and hopefully become a follower.

Simply Stated  (Great recipes and crafts...highly recommended)
Coastal Charm  ( Dear to my heart as I now live Coastal)
Apron Thrift Girl  (I get the most hits from her readers!)
The Painted Quilt  (Beautiful Crafty blog and always replies to comments)
The Rock for Beginners  (So interesting...who else do you know that lives on a rock??)
Little House That Grew (Six children and her honest emotions raising them and living Catholic)


Paulette said…
I just realized that I have never became a follower, so now I am your newest follower. Thanks for the kind words about my blog.
Paulette said…
Oh my goodness, I forgot to follow and now I follow two times, sorry.
congratulations jeanne! you totally deserve this :) your blog rocks!
Oh how fun! You are SO fortunate to be in the warm South . . . although we're having our mildest Midwest Winter ever! Thanks for sharing your great day with us!
Well done..thanks for sharing!
Adri Hunt said…
Congratulations!!! What an honor!! You and your blog are awesome!!!
Susi said…
Thanks so much for visiting!

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