Art Festival in St. Petersburg

My sister Karan tells me one of the nicest things about a Florida winter is the plethora of festivals that pop up all winter. The weather is gorgeous, everyone wants to be outside and the population is at it's peak. We haven't been to any so when my mom gave me the weekend activities part of the paper I saw the Art Festival advertised at a Jewish Temple.

It turned out to be about a fifty mile jaunt, but we are free as birds these days and have all the time in the world.  It was packed and people were parking for blocks and walking in.  Bill pulled through the lot to drop me off, and a parking attendant waved us into one of the 15 minute parking spaces just vacated in front of the door.  You can stay and park there the attendant said.  The 15 minutes doesn't apply today. He rocks!

There were rooms and rooms to explore and we had a wonderful afternoon.  
Here are some pictures I took.

 Entering through a garden area with gorgeous fountains
colorful sculptures
and magic mushrooms
This watercolor was so complicated and beautiful.  This is just the bottom corner.

Bill would have taken any one of these original oils home. 

My taste in original oils was a little more eclectic

This fanciful object caught my attention.  The band had a photo spread in a magazine similar to this.  There arms and feet turned into to limbs and trunks.  A promo for With Roots Above and Branches Below.  

 Throughout there were beautiful displays of  art glass.
It was all just so beautiful.

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for more photos, including some really fabulous sculptures! 



Cheapchick said…
I am with you - Love the Palm Tree Painting. Sounds like a fun time!
i wish i could have visited this art festival with you! everything is soooo thought-provoking and beautiful.. my kind of place. i especially like the carp painting :)
Unknown said…
Following you back! Thanks so much for visiting!! :)

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