Us Girls

My sister called, she was on her way to Mom's, would  I like to come over too?  Of course!  

When I arrived about a half hour later, I had to laugh.  "Did you notice, I asked, we are all wearing black and white today?"

We had to get a picture but ohhhh my.  By the end we had dissolved in giggles.  I'm just not good with camera phones!

I never did capture the slacks, except in the movie clips taken accidentally that I am unable to upload to the blog.  But Mom and Karan wore white, I was in black. 
Crazy fun! 


aren't sisters the best? moms too! lovely smiles!
Adri Hunt said…
Such cute pictures!!
Monica said…
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Thanks a lot!
Unknown said…
We laughed so hard that day! I am so glad you moved nearby, think what we missed over the years!
Unknown said…
these pics are gorgeous! your joy and happiness so shines out. so nice :-).
thanks for your lovely comment on my little spoon.

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