Traveling Down I-95 in Florida

You'll want to stop for tea in Stuart Florida!

It's an amazing tea room, not only for the decor but for the magnificent meal they call tea. 

My sister in law, Kim (right) took my niece, Shannon (left) and I to tea
while I was visiting last week.

Iced Raspberry tea and tea bread were offered as we perused the menu.

There were at least four choices for each course.

I heartily recommend the Lobster Bisque
It is the owners award winning recipe.

The salad is healthy with cut tomatoes under the spinach
but the dressing is not homemade, the only flaw we found with the meal.

I ordered the chicken pie with a puff pastry crust.  It was served so beautifully!  
Dessert was Kahlua Chocolate Cake

A pot of tea was also served with dessert
how could I have forgotten to get a photo of the scones?
It's quite a change from the usual tiny sandwiches and miniature cakes
that are usually served for the same price.

The rooms are all decorated with a Victorian theme.

An awesome fireplace in every room.

Fresh and silk flowers everywhere.

Every corner was filled with interesting memorabilia. 

It's just off the interstate I-95 and well worth the stop
You must call ahead for reservations of course as they only seat for tea twice a day.

They even have a cute white picket fence  along the property where a Geocache is hidden!  
Now that was a huge surprise and so fun to find!

Lady Ann's Victorian Tea Room
506 SW Camden Ave
Stuart, FL 
(772) 781-3339

I am not affiliated in any way with this place of business
 but I like to recommend some of my favorite stops
while traveling.  

The service was quick enough for a traveler, yet we lingered long after the tea was over and no one 
hurried us.  Delightful.

The shadows are a little "weak" this week, but that's how I like my tea!


Barb said…
I've never heard of Stuart, FL - but I love this tea house and its Victorian decor. Your "tea" lunch looks yummy. That cake! Oh - and I like the picket fence, too!
TexWisGirl said…
looks like a beautiful place (yay for white pickets!) and the meal looks scrumptious!
I love to visit these places when I see them. They are always decorated so magnificently and the food is always very good and plenty of it. We had two tea rooms locally but they closed. I must remember this for when I am out that way. Thanks for sharing.
Indrani said…
Yummy presentation, wish I could grab them off screen. :)
Great read!
Cheapchick said…
That looks like fun, your chicken pot pie with puff pastry looks incredible!
Ida said…
That does look like a very charming place to eat and oh the food looked yummy. The white picket fence is perfect.
Linda said…
Oh my! Such a lovely place and fancy food!
Deanies Stash said…
What a great place to go to. The food looks yummy and the rooms are sweet!
Unknown said…
excellent mood there.
keep laughing.
Halcyon said…
That cake looks delicious!
OH my goodness I haven't been to tea in ages. It looks like such a wonderful time. Any place with a white picket fence is a must have for me.

Hugs from Oklahoma,

Cottage Making Mommy
We must plan to stop there on one of our forays to the north from our home in Broward County.
Linda said…
Looks delightful!
Decor To Adore said…
Now this looks like my kind of place! So pretty.
I hope you have a wonderful week!
SmilingSally said…
Hello Jeannie Marie,

What a delightful time you had! I'd have loved being with you. Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!
GranthamLynn said…
How beautiful. That shot of the fireplace looks just like a local tea room here in Texas! I wish I was with you!
I'd love you to come over and vote for Sally and Blue Monday at my blog. Each this week I'm featuring the hostess of my favorite blog party's. The party with the most comments will recieve a prize!
Come over vote for Sally. Go Team Sally!
GranthamLynn said…
Hi. Thanks for coming by. Your comment on the Blue Monday feature is your vote.
FYI I noticed your a friend of Tex's. I'll be featuring her on Friday.
I'm only counting the # of comments so you can comment as many times as you want.
(insert SMILE)
I thought this would be fun but I'm torn! They are all my favorites!
Have a great week.
A lovely tea rooms - you don't see many of them these days, it's usually coffee bars. The food looks delicious as well.
Thanks for visiting.


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