Fat Tuesday, A Great Bar and Restaurant in Cozumel Mexico

On our cruises we always forgo the meal on the ship and take in a local eatery on port days. 

An open air restaurant and bar on the docks turned out to be a great place to lunch while exploring the shopping area.   We didn't go far this time in Cozumel.  Karan, Patty, Mom and I just enjoyed the atmosphere in the pretty village of shops right at the dock. 

We chose Fat Tuesday for a silly reason...

Swings were available to amuse those waiting to be seated.  Mom always seems to find a swing here
in Cozumel.  On the last trip it was in a private garden.

The wait staff were very helpful and had great suggestions. 

The breezes off the water were wonderful on a hot September day!
Karan and I were glad to sit and enjoy them.

A pink flamingo caught my eye at the bar after getting over the shock of the pink wall!

Our silly reason to choose Fat Tuesday was because of the colorful tables and chairs.
  I mean, who wouldn't want to join the fun? 

The Mexican Flag was a proud part of the decor
And outside the umbrella shades the entire table!  

But it was the freshly cooked and authentically prepared meal that sold us.
Nothing fancy, just really, really good. 

Behind us a view of our Carnival Cruise ship, Paradise!
I told you we didn't go far.  

We all enjoyed the stop and would recommend Fat Tuesday.
It is a dyed in the wool tourist trap which is what Cozumel is all about.  Their prices were great, the food excellent and great service.  You can't ask for more than that. 

For more on this cruise my sis did a very cute, funny blog post!  Karan knows we are good sports!
Just click on the words blog post.

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abrianna said…
I love the colorful bar and wall!
LV said…
Glad your cruise turned out well. In my earlier days, my husband and I went on a lot of different cruises. Back then, they were different. Not sure with all the trouble they have, if I want to take another one. Been here and it is nice, but other places I liked better.
Ralph said…
How nice to explore new lands unburdened by following the crowd. This looks nice as the locals make a fuss over the visitors. Our son just flew to nearby Cancun this morning - I expect that he will stay local, hope he can visit a non-resort area while he is there...
Rajesh said…
Great outing in restaurant. Wonderful shots.
Beautiful photos!! So glad that you are enjoying life!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!

carol l mckenna said…
What a delightful time you had ~ beautiful colors there! Great post and photos!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol
ps. Late in commenting due to illness
That does look an interesting restaurant. I know we ate on the dock in Cozumel but I don't remember the name of the restaurant.
Decor To Adore said…
Oh I love the bright, happy colors!
Just stopping by to say I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful long holiday weekend.
May you have good food, friends and family.
betty-NZ said…
What lovely smiles that prove you had a great time! Loving the pink walls and flamingo!

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