Fall is Still Here, in my World

Disney World is now getting dressed for Christmas, but when I went last week, I enjoyed the Fall
flowers tremendously.

Black Eyed Susan's are a favorite of mine!  

These were in Frontierland and I noticed them in front of me as I rocked in an available rocking chair on the wooden sidewalk

Packed with shades of color! 

I did catch in the photo (up in the corner), a glimpse of my rocking friend who was allowing her grandchild a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  

A strolling band came by and began playing.  It was nice to have the time to really enjoy them. 

The baby slept through it all. 

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Christmas in Disney must be nothing short of magical!!
Thanks so much for visiting!!

Patty said…
I love how you enjoy every detail, Jeanne! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for your Christmas pictures of Disney World!
Rajesh said…
Very lovely flowers.
D.Nambiar said…
Black Eyed Susans are those yellow flowers, I presume. They are so pretty.
Enjoy the season, Jeannie. :)
Ida said…
Black Eyed Susans are a very pretty and cheery flower. Sounds like a great place to enjoy fall.
Linda said…
Nice shots! You really get around!
LOLfromPasa said…
They look lovely...and it looks nice and warm there too. Thanks for visiting my Coventry blog.

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