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When we first retired here in Florida

I tell people I'm retired, it's easier than explaining I'm just living like I've always have.  Family first and small jobs here and there.  I always felt fortunate that I didn't have to be the responsible one to earn the living for the family as I am too flighty to stay in one job very long.  I would just quit when I felt like it, since my income was extra and not required for monthly bills.  We also moved seventeen times, most often due to my husbands job.

 I often frustrated my husband who was so solidly employed he worked for the same company all his working life, with just a stint in the Navy during his youth.  He started at Sears, then after the Navy he got a job in Kmart management and worked for them until he retired.  Kmart Corp bought Sears a few years ago and renamed the company Sears Holding, Inc.  But I digress and that was him, loyal to a fault.

I did have to work for time, when I did the portrait studio job to make ends meet, and it was the only job I actively disliked.  When you are good at sales, they push you to do better.  At one time I had the 16th best sales nationwide out of about 600 stores.  I didn't like the pressure to beat last weeks numbers and I didn't like how parents behaved when they wanted their children to smile. I was stuck in that job for five years.

My favorite job was running the large library at a Christian school.  I had student helpers but I had the full charge of the library.  I held classes to learn the Dewey Decimal System and all about each category.  I read my favorite books to all the classes through 7th grade during their library time.

Here is my list as I remember from age 16, each job has a good story behind it:

1.  Copper Kettle Cafe - Waitress
2. Dairy Belle - Counter
3.  Theater Concession sales
4. Jolly Burgers -counter
5. Sales Clerk,  Hancock Fabric's
6. Gal Friday in a small office where I commuted to the city
Credit Bureau Reporter
Home Child Care
Certified Home Day Care
Baker at Bintz's Apple Farm
Librarian, Christian School
Word Processing Lab Assistant
Word Processing Clerk
Telephone Solicitor
Portrait Photographer
Portrait Studio Manager
Front Desk Receptionist, Home Mortgage, Inc.
Front Desk Receptionist  Realty office
Personal Assistant to the Broker at the Realty office
Baker, Amish cakes & noodles
Clerk, Dress shop
Relay Operator for the Deaf
eBay business owner (Shooting Star Seller)
Mystery Shopper
Customer Service Operator, Nursery Catalog
Freelance Writer

From 16 to 56, forty years of working at interesting jobs!

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Cheapchick said…
I don't think I could take pictures of kids either - I swear too much :) plus they would drive me a bit batty. My worst was telephone soliciting for the Boys and Girls Club. I did that when I was 19 for 3 months.
Jeannie Marie said…
Oh, I forgot to add in I was a telephone solicitor for Box 21 and sold tickets to the Rodeo! I hated it too! I only did it for about four months.
Rebecca said…
Wow! Just LOOK at all the fun you've had! The library job would have been my favorite.....and I wouldn't have lasted at ANYthing to do with sales....
Nonnie said…
That's quite a varied background. I wouldn't think it would be easy taking portraits of kids who never really wanted to be there in the first place. Since reading is FUNdamental, I think that would have been the most enjoyable, too.
Susan said…
Wow Jeannie Marie, you have had a variety of jobs. They say "variety is the spice of life" and that is true. Good for you. Susan
That is a lot of interesting jobs. Thanks for joining in.
How neat to have it all written down. You've had some interesting jobs and I know you've met lots of neat people along the way. I did substitute teaching more than anything else when I was younger. Hugs!

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