Managing a New Life

These days I am quietly navigating my way through my days and settling into a new routine. I want to change many things but haven't done much about it.  The house is still the same, I haven't changed anything to speak of except clean out the desk so I can use it, and re-file things so I can find them.  Bill and I had very different ideas about how to file.

The days are blending into weeks now.  I'm surprised to find it is again Sunday already.  I have more than enough to keep me busy.  I have church events, events through my art guild, and family time with my mother and sisters.

My sister Karan and my mom and I went on an impromptu cruise in January, taking advantage of the low, low prices.  We were upgraded at the last minute to a suite and I must say I felt quite grand!

We went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. This trip was a breeze as we had a wheelchair for mom to get from place to place without tiring her out.

And her cane was fine while in the shops or wandering as we explored! 

In Grand Cayman we had a lovely tour, my first time on the island, but the wind whipped up and a storm came in.  It was all quite exciting until the heavens opened and we got completely drenched just as we were getting back on the ship!  A lot of laughter at ourselves as we dripped all the way to our cabin! 

Once home it was back to work at the West Pasco Art Guild.  Karan and I paint on Tuesdays and once a month attend the general meeting which was on Friday of this week.  A visiting artist came and did a demonstration of watercolor landscapes.

Lynn Ferris  

After the meeting Karan and I went thrifting and then on to Michael's to pick up new brushes this particular artist uses and some other supplies. 

We finished up at Applebee's for a nice dinner.  
A broken (or more likely sprained) little toe rounded out the week, which was easy to cope with by elevating it for a day or two in my easy chair with my laptop in my lap!  It turned a lovely shade of deep purple which I have to live with for a while.  
A quiet Saturday went by and I rented the movie Boyhood, only the second Oscar nominated film I've seen.  I really loved watching everyone age and the dynamics of a mom trying to raise children though disastrous marriages.  It reinforced the good decision I made to always stay married to the imperfect but good man I had who always treated me well.  

The movie itself is actually quite dull and I can't imagine why Patricia Arquette is nominated and receiving such attention. I did not find her extraordinary but Ethan Hawke surely should win.  He brought the whole film to life.  
Today I have a family day going, After church I will be taking Mom over to Karan's for an early dinner.  I plan to spend Sunday afternoons with Mom, taking her out and running errands with her.  Karan is doing that on Wednesdays and my youngest sister Janet when she can.


So that is where I'm at right now.  Busy, Adjusting, Surrounded by love, 
I'm very fortunate.


I'm so happy to hear from you and know that you have your family close by to spend time with. What a beautiful trip too. I keep you in my prayers...I know it's not an easy time. Take care of yourself my friend and enjoy this fabulous weather! Sweet hugs, Diane
Cheapchick said…
I am so sorry to hear about your loss, somehow I missed your December post. You seem to be doing ok, don't know how I would be doing in your shoes. Take care, hugs.
Jill said…
We watached Boyhood last week, it really is a good movie, it seems to be the Oscar favorite right now! I've actually seen a few of the Oscar pictures this year, more than usual, all I've seen have been so good!!
Good to hear that you've been keeping busy after such a tremendous loss. Take care of that toe!
Rebecca said…
The cruise sounds like a great way to spend some time in January (I can't remember where you live/it's SURE been cold here!)....You've frequently been in my thoughts and prayers. Your perspective sounds so healthy, Jeannie Marie!

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