Puerto Rico - The Tourist

We toured the forts and drove through the old town but some of my impressions were a little funky.

As I waited at the second fort for all to arrive I was noticing what kind of shoes people wear to do their sightseeing.  I grabbed a few shots! 

 For a closer look just click on one photo and scroll down.

The chains are cute, but do they get hot in the burning sun?

Nice shadow for Shadow Shot Sunday2!

 The gladiator look was quite popular that day, but thankfully her child had some sensibly colorful shoes,
While scrolling, notice how many people are wearing blue!

A better look at these trendies

 Here we see a mother, daughter and grandma, There is a statement here about who is the important one!.

 Walking all day in straps, flat shoes with no cushion would be torture for me.

 Another family that tells a story!

 Men are quite uninspiring I noticed.

 This mom is a matchy matchy person.  Her shoes are clean, well worn and chosen with care to match her outfit, but in reality, comfort is her motto.  Smart!
My Pink Saturday pick!

But ninety percent of the visitors had sandals, not walking shoes.  

 How about these beauties?

 At last!  A wiser person, protecting those heels from the stone.
Notice the cushion!

 Fashion wins here.  On a hot day, these boots were paraded out.

Two completely different types of men.  The old style modest man in mesh pants and sandals and socks sporting a beret and beard walking in with a....son in law?
I was only going to use the sandal and socks part, but I had to include the entire statement.

I was still only taking photos of the most interesting shoes when I realized, this pair belonged 
to my daugher!  The wait is over! 

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Cheapchick said…
Nothing better than a decent pair of sandals that are actually comfortable with support. I cannot do thongs - can't have anything between the toes so it is very difficult to find. Perhaps the men are just smarter about their feet!
Patty said…
I just spent an hour Saturday looking for a pair of flip-flops that were cushioned -found one that is a little better than I had - and $3.99 to boot! I once had a wonderful pair but alas, one was dropped on the ground and lost when hubbie loaded the trunk on a trip...!! I've been searching ever since!
SmilingSally said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,

You have a good eye; this is an interesting post. I prefer closed shoes. Thanks for playing today.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!
bj said…
I adore flip flops in summer..I wear Yellow Box brand as they are cushioned and very comfortable.
Ann said…
I have a lot of flip flops but can't wear them sightseeing. I need plenty of cushion for long distance. I still want them to be cute though. Thanks for stopping by.
lol I think it is hysterical that you were fascinated by scandals. I will keep that in mind the next time I have to wait for my daughter.
Leovi said…
Really nice design trendiest!
Vanessa said…
I like to people watch and contemplate style and trends, too. :) How did you snap these shots without people noticing? My family lives in Puerto Rico and when I visit, people are very skittish about being photographed/their homes being photographed.
Interesting post!! Bck in the day before arthritis that higher the heel the better . Now I have to look more for comfort over style, sadly!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you...


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