The Calm before the Storm

This is where the big party will be on Sunday...but for today all is calm and the shadows are making pretty pictures.

Sharing today with Shadow Shot Sunday2
Monday Mellow Yellows  Can you spot the yellow?


Anonymous said…
The delicate bench makes a delicate shadow...
Gemma Wiseman said…
Fine network of shadows cast by the seat. Lovely setting.
May the "storm" not sweep you away!

Shadowy Cacti
EG CameraGirl said…
Very nice shadows!
Angie said…
Great place to have a party. i spotted the yellow on the handles of the swing thing! Thanks for your visit.
Rajesh said…
Very nice shadows by the bench.
Great shot, love the shadows!
It certainly does look peaceful. Lovely yard you have there.
Diane Writes said…
I love the chairs and the grass, everything looks so refreshing!

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