Bessie's Annual Bath

Bessie got her annual bath today. She had many patches of mossy green on her and her flowers had blown away some time ago, so she was ready! Of course I'm always a day late and a dollar short. The entire family was here last month but admired Bessie anyway in her mossy pathetic state with only her bell around her neck. She can be easily seen from the street now because I sold the truck last summer. It annoyed me that the best place, the only place really to park it was in an opening in the woods right in front of her. So you could glimpse her from the road briefly but only I saw her in all her glory from the carport. From my front window I occasionally see cars slowing down to get a better look or show the kids. She is worth her weight in gold! Since she is solid cement that would be quite a chunk. When I move back to Ohio she is going with me. She is quite the traveler. She Originally lived in Kentucky, then Ohio and now Florida.   She has logged quite a few miles on the road, since she has belonged to me, these past six years and only recently has she been christened Bessie. I have no idea why, I just started thinking of her as Bessie instead of the purple cow.


Michelle said…
She is a lovely shade of purple. I would love to have her in my yard!
Cheapchick said…
Bessie looks amazing, definitely the pink flowered accent do her justice! Is that how you give directions to your place? Look for the purple cow? lol
Patty said…
She looks lovely! But I'm concerned a bit...looks like she's "kicked the bucket" ?
Jeannie Marie said…
Haha! Good one Patty! Sometimes flowers grow out of that bucket! Cheapchick, I can now, now that you can see her from the street!
Ruth Schiffmann said…
Had to stop over after you left a comment about a purple cow on my blog! Well, isn't she pretty. And the name Bessie seems to fit ;)
Oh my gosh, a day late and a dollar short, that's always me. I'm always compelled to clean up my house AFTER the unexpected company has stopped by and seen it at its worst.
I bet people DO slow down to take a better look! What a lovely shade of lavender! Oh and the mailbox in my post today came from the Dollar Tree...I thought it was cute too and only ONE dollar! lol Happy Valentines day my friend. Hugs, Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
Bessie is delightful. And she is my favorite color, Purple. I have an Aunt Bessie, so related to her quite nicely.

Happy Valentine's Day, and thank you for stopping by today.

Wow! Bessie is quite something! Have you ever weighed her? I'd love to know how much she weighs. How do you transport her?
baili said…
how lovely to give her purple shade !!!
she looks adorable!
your care and love for her shines through your whole post for her .
Happy Valentine day dear friend!
Cheryl said…
Oh nuts... now I want a life sized cow too! So jealous. Lucky you!!!!
Who can resist a purple cow? She must be the hottie of the meadow.

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