At the Marquis Market

I love the industrial look of this interesting restaurant we stopped in while in downtown
 Fayetteville, NC

The Marquis Market

The old storefront has been converted into a restaurant, but with such airy spaces you never feel crowded or rushed.

In this shot below, I loved how the shadows layered the floor. 

 It was a hard choice deciding where to dine  Maybe in the display window area? 
No we didn't want to disturb the solo diner there.

We settled ourselves in the center of the room, next to the tall ladder

I tend to like a later lunch and I usually hit these places that are only open 
for breakfast and lunch just as they are about to close.
There were quite a few diners when we entered but it was quite empty when I finished my delicious 
turkey with cranberry spread sandwich
and decided to snap some pictures.

Behind us was a great coffee area with a large bookcase (but you can't see it) off on the right where
reading material could be found along with sculptures and such to meditate on.


Chubskulit Rose said…
I have never seen a restaurant like this, very unique.
What a neat place. Makes you wish it was right down the street so you could spend time there more often. Hugs!
CailinMarie said…
this is a great interior. thanks for stopping by mu blog!
GreenComotion said…
I want to go there. Where is it?
Have a Wonderful Day!
Peace :)
Hello I've had fun catching back in your recent posts, Bahamas looked fun and now you're chillin' at a trendy spot in town... Looks like you're having a lovely summer Jeannie. Have a wonderful week ahead !
Wren x
Rebecca said…
How intriguing! (I'm sure I'd love the book space, too!)
SmilingSally said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,

What a treat: to find a new place to eat. I'd like that turkey sandwich too! Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!
bj said…
What a fun place to eat...looks very interesting.
joyh82 said…
Looks pretty modern and open. I love checking out new places to get a bite
to eat. Have a great week!
Joy @ Books and Life
What a great place!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!

What a lovely looking place, I love the industrial look and how spacious it is. Most places over here are filled with tables and chairs as much as possible. I always like having a bit more room, for a bit more relaxing. Although sometimes you get to hear the most entertaining conversations other people are having at tables closeby! I do realize that they can hear me too...
Diane Writes said…
Beautiful place! Industrial look seem to be an "in thing" these days. Even local Starbucks franchise in my country are being converted to industrial feel
Claire Justine said…
Great place to eat, so spacious and lovely :)

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