Pink Salt

I read somewhere
 that Pink Himalayan salt is the best salt to use to reap that all important mineral, Iodine.  So I looked for it in the grocery and several other places and didn't find it.

I decided to order it from Amazon and along with the salt I saw this cute bamboo salt box.  
It is attached in one spot so it swivels open and  when you move it back into place it connects
with a tiny magnet to shut tightly. 

Now the wonderful thing is that pink salt also contains 80 other minerals as well as Iodine.  Nothing has to be added to it.  

White refined salt is essentially devoid of all nutrition, They are required by law to add Iodine but it isn't absorbed by the body as well as the pink salt that contains it naturally.  

 Pink salt is a raw, full spectrum salt and all full spectrum salts have color to them.  The pink Himalayan comes from ancient salt caves formed from the sea. 

So that's my Pink Saturday offering this week!   


Sarah said…
I think I will look for some pink sale. '-)
LV said…
One of the reason I enjoy blogging, you learn so many new and interesting things. Never knew this.
Cheapchick said…
I saw this kind of salt in my grocery store just yesterday - I was wondering about it. Thanks for sharing :)
Kaye Swain said…
Wow! Perfect timing! I just shared about Himalayan Pink Salt on Instagram that I photographed at Safeway in Roseville CA. I took the photo for Pink Saturday but wondered what in the world made the difference so this was so interesting to read! Thank you! -

Have a blessed and beautiful week.

Ann said…
Well I never, thanks for sharing.
I've been using pink salt for about two years now. I buy it at either Costco or Trader Joes.
Diane Writes said…
My first time to encounter a pink salt!!! I believe it's healthier then because of all the minerals added to it.
We are big fans of different colored salts. We love red salt and gray salt very much and never use table salt.

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