The Lion Fence

One of the more interesting fences I saw in the Bahamas was in Freeport.

I was only able to snag a quick shot as we sped by in the taxi but
it was an amazing sight to see.

 This British Colony on the island of the Grand Bahama is well represented here.  
See if you can spot the shadows on this lovely smokey blue gray fence.

Spending time in another country is a real joy but I'm always glad to be home again, especially 
to celebrate our independence from England. 

Happy 4th of July!!

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There are plenty of shadows to spot in your Bahamian shots!

Shadows in the Rock
Ralph said…
The shadows fall from the walls to the lions who are guarding the homestead behind the barrier - interesting that the lions seem to represent Britain that has no more colonies on this side of the Pond - so seem like very nice lions these days, not at all threatening lions as the empire is no more...
Rajesh said…
Wonderful shots of the place.
Jim said…
What a fence
Rebecca said…
Happy 4th to YOU! Now that's one impressive fence. (I'd love to have just one of those lions!)
Leovi said…
That beautiful fence, very seigneurial! Beautiful picture!
Lion fences are a bit odd, I think-but I suppose even in this day and age, it lends a sense of guardianship!
SmilingSally said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,

That fence cost more than my house! Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!
LV said…
I have been there and truly enjoyed it. So many pretty and interesting things to see and do.
joyh82 said…
Amazing fence! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!
Joy @ Books and Life
Annesphamily said…
Hi and thank you for your comment at my blog. We know the pain of unkept homes we once lived in! So sad. I really enjoyed your post today and the photo was terrific even as you flew by in that taxi! Love the American flag. Good to be here and share with you today. Take care.
Gattina said…
What an impressive fence !
I love the fence and the weather makes the sky so beautiful. I know it must feel great to travel there. Enjoy your day today! It's supposed to be our hottest so far this summer. Sweet hugs, Diane

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