Storm Results

Last week we had a very heavy day of rain on Monday after a few weeks of lots of rain.

It was apparently too much for this tree at the end of my street.
It toppled over, silently apparently, as I didn't hear a thing even though it's only about 100 feet away.
I discovered it on Tuesday, the day after the big rain.

So what is that saying about a tree falling in the forest without anyone to hear?

 The city came out on Friday
I asked the foreman if the tree was just old and rotted but he said no, it was the weight of the water on the tree and the saturation of the sandy ground from the rain was unable to hold it up.
My favorite beach
My previous blog post "My Favorite Beach"  is on the other side of this group of trees
at the end of my street.  

This is what is left today.  

When I went out to photograph the stump there was a glorious scent of pine.
I wish I could bottle it!


I'm glad you fared alright in all that rain! So sad that such a glorious tree had to go though.
Michelle said…
Sad to see a wonderful tree go down. It does happen, though....
Rebecca said…
What?!? You live that close to The Beach?!?!
I wish you could send a little of that rain to Vancouver. We have had such beautiful weather for months, so it's difficult to complain, but the land and wildlife are very thirsty. I'm happy the tree didn't fall on anyone. I'm not sure what it is says that no one heard the fall, but I am grateful that you recorded the magnificent tree's existence and marked its passing.
Patty said…
So glad it didn't fall on your house! And yes, I too wish you could send that extra water to our house in Calif. We need it!
Hard to believe water in the ground can cause a huge tree to fall over...
Love the smell of pine! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

NCSue said…
Such power in wind... something you can't even see. Glad your home was spared.
Please come link up your photos at
Sorry about the tree, but glad you are okay. Enjoy that heavenly fresh pine scent!
Carlee said…
We just had a big storm roll through that brought down a bunch of big trees like that. With all the rain we had leading up to it, the roots didn't have anything to hold onto. It is crazy to see one down like that with the root ball in the air!
Diane Writes said…
I never knew the scent of pine. :( There is only one place in my country that grows legitimate Pine Trees. So if you will bottle the scent, I hope I can virtually smell one :)

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