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I have been busy at the post office lately sending postcards and letters and packages.

For Friday's Hunt, I'm using E for Engage.  It's good to engage with others via correspondence.  No man is an island!  

I love snail mail and wish I had more fun mail than I do, but it's because I haven't been sending out much of anything.  I signed up with , Jill from A Little Bit of Everything suggested it and so I immediately signed up.  
 I've sent out a couple of international postcards.  One has been received and noted so I should be getting one in the mail soon.   I'm going to stagger the postcards so replies don't all come at once.  You can send up to five and the number increases when they see them arrive and are noted on the account.

Here is a greeting card from my friend, Diane at Diane Wants to Write

I love the native outfits from the Philippines on the front, and inside the nice message.
Thanks Diane!  She is another that has a nice group of people she corresponds with and she invited me to be part of her group a year or so ago.  Nice!

I love the blue checked pattern!


Lastly, instead of buying a card for my granddaughter (whose birthday was Jan 24),  I decorated a card for her, adding cut out pansies from handmade paper to card with just a simple bee skep on the front.  I then wrote the verse myself  inside adding more pansies and birds.  I sent it to her dorm at college.  I know she'll appreciate the personalized card.  

Now when am I going to get to my thank you notes from Christmas?

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Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! I have already limited my circle of friends for the Postcard Challenge :) And of course, you are included in my group or I should say favourite blog friends and pen friends. I'm glad that the card reached you already. It will always be a pleasure to send you letters, cards and all the interesting paper stuff I can find here.

Thank you for including me in this post. I always love reading and "envying" your travel adventures hahaha
Thanks again for stopping by!! And thanks for keeping Joe's job as a Letter Carrier secure, at least until he retires in Sept!!

Kiki Nakita said…
Jeannie, thank you for stopping by my blog.

I agree, it's so nice receiving snail mail. My granny used to write letters all the time, and send postcards from her travels. Thus we nicknamed her Postcard Granny, as it was the only way to know where she was, and who she was visiting.

She passed away 5 years ago, and I inherited a box of letters she wrote to my dad, while he was away in the air force, and to my newly married mom and dad in the 1980's. Emails will never be able to replace the fondness I have for receiving a handwritten letter, or card.

I'm sure your granddaughter will be thrilled,
bj said…
I, too, love getting letters from family and friends...I seldom get or write a letter anymore. Way to quick and easy uaeing this machine.
Art and Sand said…
One of the things I never expected when I began blogging was the friendships I would create. I receive mail from friends and I send things to people. It's so much fun.

I love the cards you made.

Thanks for Sharing Your Cup.
Decor To Adore said…
I too also love snail mail and just sent 12 valentine packages off to brighten a few lovely friends and family's day.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend!
Jill said…
It will be an exciting day when that first post card arrives!!!

I am really into making Pocket Letters, that makes for a lot of real happy mail.!!
Cheryl said…
Ah yes... snail mail :-) Fun-fun! My friend is currently very sick and I've been sending her cards in the mail... she actually mails back a thank you card for the cards I send her lol
big hugs,
brokenteepee said…
I still send cards to my nieces and nephews and I'm lucky if I get a quick thank you on Facebook....
Anonymous said…
I miss the days of letters. I used to correspond with relatives and pen pals. I do miss that. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt!
EG CameraGirl said…
Cute card! I hope your granddaughter had a wonderful birthday.
Sarah said…
I agree! There is something special about receiving mail that one can actually hold and read. ;-)
The card is a pretty one. It think the postcard exchange is a nice idea.
SmilingSally said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,

I've always felt a small thrill when a letter or a postcard comes to me. Thanks for playing today.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!
LV said…
Even when young, going to the mailbox was my favorite thing. Could not wait to see who might think of us. Even now, I look forward to when the mailman arrives. I should own a card shop as many as I have sent. Love them.
joyh82 said…
It's always nice finding something cute in the mail like this ...anything other than bills. :)
Annesphamily said…
Such fun! I still love writing and receiving letters and cards. What a terrific idea. I will look into Thanks for sharing.

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