What's Blooming in January?

The Snow photos that are everywhere this weekend are delightful, especially since they are far far away!  The whole world isn't covered in snow however.  

 I took a walk around the yard yesterday and took photos of some of the plants that had flowers on them.  Some I rarely notice so it was especially fun.  

This one is wonderful with a cane stem.  It's just starting for the spring season, but it blooms all year around.

This one is an odd duck of a plant.  The blooms hang upside down and really aren't pretty unless 
photographed from the underside!
 It only blooms in winter.

This one is all buds.  It's ready to pop into a cluster of sweet little flowers.
It currently has zero foliage, the Schefflera next to it crowds out the sun.  I always think it is on it's last legs but for four years it has hung in there.  Never more than two clusters at any time. 

 Begonias winter really well here.  
I have them planted at the base of my Ti plant. 
It tends to be leggy, so the begonias fill it out nicely

 The Ti plant is doing well, btw,  No flowers but it's the foliage I like.
It always makes great shadows on the wall.

 Everyone pulls these out of their garden, It's a weed plant here, but I like them.  
Wild Periwinkle.

 We have empty trees and trees that stay the same all year.  
This is across the street.  Nice view!

 But not to say we don't have any snowflakes!  We do!
Here are mine on the front door, just to remind me it's 
really winter!  

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It's so nice to see flowers blooming in January! Here in NJ, some of my plants got confused and started to bud, because we had such a mild December. But the recent cold and snow changed all that!
Gattina said…
Beautiful flower pictures ! No palm trees here, for the moment except the firs all trees are naked !
Anonymous said…
Isn't it lovely to live in the land of Winter flowers! I too would much rather look at snow in other people's pictures than experience it in person.

Your pictures are wonderful. (It's raining hard here in our corner of Paradise (Fort Myers) -- watering the flowers but good).
Can't complain with that kind of a winter! And plants that are thriving too-love all the shadows they cast.
A feast for the eyes, all your flowery photos!
TexWisGirl said…
some nice blooming you've got going on!

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