Making A Greeting Card Your Own

I had purchased several packages of blank cards and envelops to make watercolor greeting cards, but they were not heavy enough paper to absorb water and so have been sitting in my drawer for ages.  

So the other night I pulled one out and and thought about what to do with them.  

This is what I came up with!

Nothing amazing to be sure.  I am far to impatient to be a perfectionist, but I had fun making this.

I pasted a piece of homemade textured paper on to the front as a base. 

I was tossing out an old pocket calendar and thought I would cut out the little birds and assemble them on the paper.

Then I added a ribbon.  

 Inside, I printed out a photo I discovered on Debbie Dabbles blog that touched my heart.  

I added the rest of the ribbon to border it and put a button in the middle.
Looking at in now, I should have just put little buttons on each end of the ribbons to finish it and maybe leave the heart off
but hey...

 On the outside of the envelope I wrote 
I heard you injured your foot....

and when she turned it over to open it, I wrote
A little birdie told me!  

It was a lot of fun for me to make, I know it's not perfect but I don't let that stop me.

She really enjoyed receiving something unexpected.  

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Buttercup said…
Cute, cute cards. I've got lots of card supplies, but need to get them out of the cabinet.
Unknown said…
Hi Jeannie Marie, thanks for your visit. You did good on my cards. I have actual watercolor paper cards and use WC and acrylic on them but I love mixed media and cutouts and fabrics. I did ATCs for years but they got up to three each month and I tired of doing them.I am doing coloring books with colored pencils now. Not so happy with them as I like the creativity of making my own designs. Wish we could move to Florida.
Unknown said…
oops your cards.
Wow you made such a pretty handmade card! I love it. Thanks for your lovely visit to my blog. Wishing you a nice weekend.
Hugs, Julie
LV said…
You are very talented and using it well.
Treat and Trick said…
I love your gorgeous card! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post...
Unknown said…
Loved this card and so did mom!❤️❤️❤️
Patty said…
I'm thinking of all the red cardinals you have in your neighborhood! A beautiful card, and I love the sentiment! Good job, Jeanne - very artistic!!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful greeting cards.
Nonnie said…
huh, I think that your card is marvelous! I keep cutting out items from my devotional magazine, thinking I'll make a collage of them. I like your idea of using them for cards.
thanks so much for visiting my blog.
Who wouldn't be delighted at receiving these lovelies in their mailbox?
The fact that it's home made means that it's better not to be perfect - but it is beautiful! I had only recently heard that cardinals may be loved ones, but I've now heard it three times in the last week.
Jill said…
It's amazing what you can make with paper - from things around the house. Very nice job!
I love making homemade cards, too! Yours turned out great!
Annesphamily said…
That is a super sweet card! You are very talented and creative. I love this idea. I have a little mini tea time calendar and may try this with my calendar from 2015. I love getting mail and would have been tickled to have such a special card in my mailbox. I once made a hand made baby shower card for a friend who was a psycho therapist and she and her two daughters went wild over it! I was so happy! Makes a girls heart happy! Have a great weekend.

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