Exploring Morocco at Epcot

The Morocco area of Epcot is really a small labyrinth and fun to explore.

The detail of  tiled areas is fascinating
as I walked through this large entryway.

 Wandering into this courtyard I was reminded of a movie 
Hideous Kinky with Kate Winslet, it was about a fascinating trip to India.

Looking up, it's a courtyard with a large open ceiling.

Columns of tile and engraving hold up the second floor balcony. 

The ornate buildings are huge, yet everything is on the street level.

Large planters full of these beauties really caught my eye.

On a earlier visit in November I had a wonderful lunch
at the Tangierine Cafe 
The flavors together were incredible.  This platter had chicken, a rice dish, a green vegetable that was amazing, hummus, pita and a white sauce that was delicious on everything.

Exploring the corridors there were many shops.

The wares displayed outdoors

Twisting lanes and decorated with flowers everywhere.

It was easy to imagine you were actually in the middle of Morocco

I would have loved to have taken one of these lamps home.

Dappled light through a twig ceiling gave a lot of atmosphere to this shop

Clowning with my niece, Shannon.  This was the closest we came to seeing
camels on the street.
Our ruby red hats were perfect for Ruby Tuesday!

Then off to explore other countries...

Later we chose to come back to Morocco and have dinner at a restaurant overlooking the lake
I was surprised at how delicious the varied olives were with the hummus and pita bread.  I made this my meal, while my sister in law and niece ordered a variety of Mediterranean dishes. 
Of course we shared!

As the dinner was being served the illuminations began over the lake.  We couldn't have planned it any better!  


It was chilly outdoors so we lingered inside and ordered a chocolate pyramid dessert.

I assumed it was a cake but it was chocolate with a chocolate textured filling inside.  
Delicious!  Enough for the three of us after that marvelous dinner!  

It was now close to 11:00 p.m. so we tottered back to our room via the boat ride back to The Boardwalk where we parked. 

 A little known secret is that the boat to Epcot from The Boardwalk takes you to the back entrance of the World Showcase of countries.  No need to walk through the entire park to get to the World Showcase!  

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Illuminations photos from Disney Studios


What an amazing place to visit! The food looks incredible and you must have had a ball there. Enjoy your afternoon...it's cool here today! Hugs, Diane
I just got your comment...I think we were visiting each other at the same time. I love when that happens! Hugs!
mispapelicos said…
Next time you have to come and visit me in Málaga.
Patty said…
I love your postings, Jeanne! I feel like I got to go with you on your trip to Epcot! I hope sometime I really CAN go with you!!
Susan said…
Oh my GOODNESS, that looks like a FABULOUS trip. Oh my oh my oh my. And those lunches! Mmmm mmmm mmm Thanks so much for sharing. Ohhhhh, those LAMPS! Isn't there any way you could have had one shipped? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting, too. Loved your visit Jeannie Marie! Susan
Jeannie Marie said…
I could have easily have had one sent to my room, since I was staying on property, but fitting that style into my home would have been a little more difficult! Maybe a small one for the guest room but I did love that tall curvy one, isn't it fun?
kayni said…
Looks like you had a ton of fun there! Great photos!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful tour of the place. The craftsmanship is amazing.
Must.Go.To.Epcot!!! Your tour is making me drool with envy. And your food photos are making me hungry. We love to try Ethnic foods whenever we get a chance ...and Epcot sounds ideal for that besides everything else it offers.
What a fun trip! Your photos are wonderful. You have an artful eye.

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