Family Cleaning Day

Keeping your home and and yard clean is a year around project. Cleaning and maintaining everything on a weekly basis is your main goal, but occasionally the whole house needs a shake up. Over time, closets begin to
bulge, dust accumulates under furniture and clutter needs sorting out. A big family cleaning day should happen at least once or twice a year. Do inside cleaning and outside cleaning on different days. You'll feel closer as a family if you are all doing the same kind of work.

When the weather is good, you'll want to be outside. This is the time to wash those windows and screens. It's great to hang blankets out to air. Most people don't have clotheslines nowadays, but for one day, hanging a line outside between trees would work. Windy months like March are perfect. Once the family has carried out all the blankets and your items are airing out you can do outside work like cleaning and sorting out the garage or shed. Each family member can have a list of jobs such as little repairs or cleaning garden beds.

The winter seems practical for deep cleaning indoors. You are indoors anyway with time on your hands. Sorting out closets, moving furniture to clean under and behind are great, but you must be careful. Raising dust in a sealed house means you will be breathing in more of this dust than you would when you clean with open windows. Those who are susceptible to asthma, should wear a mask to avoid problems.

Choose a day to do your deep cleaning when all the family members are free to help. Getting the whole family involved can illicit a huge groan but you can stave that off with a little ingenuity.

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