I-70, My Home Away from Home

This was not my week! On my way to knitting group on Wednesday I ran out of gas on the Interstate. I managed to get over into an entrance ramp and then way over off the side. I was in pretty safe conditions, but the sun was out and the wait was over an hour because my husband had to come from quite a distance. The car got hotter and hotter as I waited. I did, however knit quite a bit on my scarf and got all of the ends tucked in.

I'm using "found" yarn that I picked up at a thrift store for a song. Not enough of the several colors of homespun to make anything but a colorful scarf which I'm loving already. Putting odd colors together will actually grow on you!

Then yesterday, Friday, I was driving again on the Interstate going the other direction and I had a flat tire! The wait wasn't bad again because, as it happened, I had my knitting with me and I added a couple of inches to my scarf. But this time I was freezing! This car has issues with the heater and the sun was covered with gloomy gray clouds. I was more than happy to jump into the rescue car and turn up the heat.

When my hubby arrived again to rescue me he poked his head in the window and said "We can't keep meeting like this!"


Marushka C. said…
Some days I consider having a project just to leave in the car -- you never know when you'll be surprised by knitting time.

I'm glad to read that your mom was okay after her tests!

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