A Picker Came!

Sold!! I kept the coffee grinder that Karan and I bought at an antique store in 1968 though!

Yes, I actually had two pickers come and left with a bunch of items and minus $136.50. That was one effective ad on Craigslist! I sold lots of the antique items I had but I also sold a snow board and sled that I won't be needing in Florida!

This helped me move some furniture and get some larger items out of the garage to leave me more room to work on getting ready for the big sale on June 9th. I am going to have plenty to sell on that day but I also had an answer that someone is interested in giving me a one time price for everything. I'll call them after the sale.

I was tired but happy. The weekend was full of work, work, work and Dianne and Chris helping us. I have my living room mostly packed up, the lawn is mowed, the caterer set for the rehearsal dinner, a day spent with Dianne and James looking around Springfield. Lunch with James and Rachel and the McGuires and a pizza evening with Billy and Ruby and Chris and Dianne, Lauren & Ryan. The four McGuires gave us their whole weekend!


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