Monday, July 25, 2011

A Fond Look Forward

A fond look forward
 The long drive up to the house which will hold the big Budget moving van.  The 24 footer that holds up to 8 rooms that we have packed out, after we pared down everything we could live without.  I tremble when I think about how full it will make the house.  The one we bought for a simpler life. 

 Miss Goodness Gracious who has never known another house.  Gracie has been edgy these past few weeks as furniture disappeared and the household has been upset.  Sad eyes follow me around, upstairs and down and sighs as she flops down in unaccustomed places because the sofa is gone, the bed is gone, her dishes and mat are gone.  She is bereft but we can't help it.

Mohawk, affectionately known as MoMoMo or simply Mo is as unconcerned as the tortoise that lives in the backyard of the new house now.  He is happy for all the open doors that let him explore the backyard freely and munch on grass and unfortunate birds.  He is going to discover the joys of a two day drive and the confinement of a cat carrier for the first time.  A prayer for him, who unlike Gracie, is not at home in the car.

The pristine backyard that will be their new playground, as it sits today.

It will be interesting to see how it looks when we bring in our purple cow, red cardinal, the orange and white  stone kitty that hangs on a tree, Kentucky dinner bell, John Deere Wagon, Seahorse bird bath and assorted lighting, sun dials, trellis, flower pots, benches and signs.  Most of which we inherited from Pap. 

I'm so hoping the green mesh patio set will fit on the truck.  The nice paved area at the bottom right corner of this picture will be it's new home.  It will make a nice potting area and craft table for outside crafts. 

Not to wish my life away, but I hope these next few days getting there will speed by.  It's still soooo very hot. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Moving During a Massive Heat Wave

I knew a move in the summer would be awful, especially a move to Florida, but I didn't count on a heat wave of such majestic proportions.  A heat wave that is breaking records in state after state.  A heat wave that makes the news every night with a death toll.

I have been slowly packing up my house for several weeks, but the real crunch came last week.  Just about the time the heat wave began.  I began wearing my "Don't Panic" button even on my PJ's.  We do not have air conditioning just now.

 Everywhere I look, it's empty, it's a mess, and the windows are open hoping for a breath of cool air.  In vain.

 Then I get a call from my contractor.  "What?  July 29th your moving in? You sent an email Aug 29th."  Oops.  It takes five days to order carpet and then time to install it in three rooms.  We will make it with a few hours to spare.

I also forgot to send him my sample color.  Now I must trust computer color.  When I took a picture of my four possibilities...yikes!  One is massively pink and it's not pink in my hands.  One is waaaay to yellow, also not yellow in my hands.  Fortunately the top left one, Macaroon, was my first choice and the color is perfect.  On my screen.  He needed the color match because I'm not getting the Macaroon carpet.  I'm getting it from his distributor, the closest match, at a huge discount.  Fingers crossed!

I'm choosing to pack at night and nap during peak hours of heat.  I have a window air conditioner in the bedroom and it is a blessing.  I have a huge attic size fan in the upstairs middle room that is pulling air through out the house.  Another blessing. 

 Paring down books is not as much of a problem as I anticipated.  As long as I have my comfort reads, my collectible's and autographed copies I think I'm good.  All other books are available via the library online system or Kindle.  I'm only taking three bookshelves and leaving seven.

 Every box is marked with black marker not only to it's fragility, but what room it came out of.  That doesn't mean that it will go in that room in the new house.  I won't have "bedroom #3".  I won't have "garage".  I won't have "family room" and I won't have "office".  Scaling down is agonizing.

The walls are bare or still holding ugly nails.  The cabinets are empty.  the choices are hard.  Do I take the cup and saucer holder?  What wall is available to put it on?  Bill says take it.  OK.  I'll take it.

I'm beginning to panic.  Where is my button?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Half-Price Book Results

There were more than a few surprises when I arrived to my local Half-Price Books.   It was certainly an experience.  I had been racing to get there to beat Dianne, who was meeting me from Cincinnati.  I was going to test a couple of theories that web research had pointed out. Beautiful people get more for their books, the smaller the batch the better price per book.  You'll spend your profits right there if you aren't careful. 

The first surprise being, after lugging in a laundry basket full of books, is they have carts you can bring out to your car.  They even have a ramp built into the sidewalk.  Nowhere did I see that in any research I did.

A second shock was these beautiful children's books are ineligible.  What?  I was stunned.  I was also sweaty from hauling in a basket load and I'm sure my face was beet red.  I demanded to know why.

They simply have a policy that they do not accept books that have ever belonged to a library.  Not just this library either.  The most remote library in the world, including home libraries were exempt.  I had one book with a card pocket in the back and a borrows card.  No names, no removal stamps, nothing to suggest it was a library copy except the lone plain pocket and borrows card pasted in between the back page and the back cover.

My dismay and sadness was evident in my facial expression.  My face never lies.  I walked away disappointed with my basket of library books.  Outside on the sidewalk in front of the entrance I briefly contemplated hawking them to customers who were entering the store, but thought better of it.  Glancing at the sides, I spotted a book without a tag on the spine and realized I had one I could sell.  Rooting though the rest, I discovered ten more and again entered the store and re-registered. 

The same young man, quaking, redid my registry and I was asked to stay in the store while they evaluated my books in the order they arrived.  I waited.

In the mean time Dianne came in with the kids and I gave her the bad news.  I had a huge suitcase full of books for her to turn in and another for Bill to turn in.  She and Bill could pull the non library books from the other two suitcases and turn those in.

Now in this batch, I had little grocery store books next to books I paid a hefty price for at a home party, such as the ones above.  I also had quite a few collectible books, older books out of print and old kidlit from good authors.  While waiting I browsed the collectible shelves and knew were my books would end up!  They wanted $15 plus for the collectible books and I anticipated a good price.

I was wishing I had brought in my box of VCR tapes because people were bringing in stacks of them.  I don't even own a VCR anymore.

I didn't bring in my AP magazines either.  I don't think I can get rid of them until I find all the ones that have a TDWP story or picture.  But I saw people bringing in magazines and I wondered what my AP's might bring.

Eventually I was called up and offered $8.00 for my eleven books.  I was quite surprised and very happy!  I began counting my chickens now and told the grandchildren, who had chosen books, that I would buy them each one.

After an eternity while I had visions of paying for dinner with the profits, Dianne was called up by the female clerk, who didn't care how beautiful she was and offered $3.50 for her stack of about 30 books.  I almost snatched them all to my breast and ran, but cooler thoughts prevailed and I sucked it up.  I'm moving in two weeks.  I have tons of books I can't bring.

What did I learn from the experience?  I learned smaller amounts pay more.  Beauty and/or sympathy will color their price.   You'll spend your money in the store.  The kids two books came to $11.56.  $.06 more than I was paid.

They also profit mightily from the older collectible books.  They won't pay much, but will price them high and let them languish on the shelf until the right person comes along.

Never fear, this book did not get taken yesterday.  My Miss Read friends will know why.

What magazines come to your house?  Have you ever sold to Half -Price Books? 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Should be Packing

I should have been packing but I got a call and an invitation to go Fossil Hunting!
My friend, the Mad Scientist, remembered to bring bandanas this time!  Earlier in the week we could not see for the flood of sweat dripping in our eyes.
 It did look as if we had been in a terrible accident and bandaged up...but who cared.  They worked!  The smaller colored ones were for mopping the sweat on the face and least that is what they were for.  I put mine on my head since I forgot my hat.  You'll notice at the end there is not a picture of me with a green cloth on my head.  That was deliberate.

 We were not allowed to climb the hill.  So we were careful and did not climb the hill....very high.
 We were excited to find fossils in almost every stone we picked up.  This place was a treasure trove. 

Oops!  Are we too high up the hill?
I don't know if there were any fossils in these stones, but the formation suggests an animal print....

But I was just dreaming!
The clarity of the impressions was amazing! 
 We really found some keepers!
 My favorite of the day is above. Being a novice didn't seem to matter here at Ceaser's Creek in Ohio. 

 I got to wondering later....won't the folks in the future be puzzled at finding these fossils from Ohio in Florida?  I guess I was packing after all.  

I was gathering them up, an essential part of the packing process. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Half Price Books

Today I am freeing myself from the weight of hundreds of books I have brought home and have either 1. Not read or 2. Read but won't read again or 3. Read to death.

Our new place cannot hold books numbering in the thousands.  I have 3 large bookshelves upstairs, two huge bookshelves downstairs, stacks of books in various places throughout the house and several hundred garage sale books in the garage. Ninety five percent of which are hard cover books.
Someone told me Half Price Books will buy them!  I'm not expecting my amazing garage sale price of $1.00 a book, nor my eBay prices that sometimes got bid into the hundreds but usually sold from $5-9.99.  No.  When I called to inquire she said I am going to get a cash offer for all books brought in.  Those they don't need or want will be recycled. Ouch.

I'm biting the bullet to a point.  None of my Ralph Moody, Janice Holt Giles, Miss Read, Maud Hart Lovelace or McCall-Smith books will be included in the slaughter.  My kid-lits will be by title that I'm saving.  Who can give up The Moffet books, Jean and Johnny or The Wonderful Year?  Autographed books will stay.  Bill has a stack of books he is keeping.  Our Bibles, of course.   I am taking no more than three bookshelves with me.

 I think I might cry.

What's your favorite book?  How many books do you have?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Choices

I am thinking about changing my white comfy wrap around sofa that has seen better days and go out on a limb and buy something different for the new house.  One that will go well with my brown leather chair and ottoman.

This is one Bill chose that is very comfortable and comfortable looking.  It is brown, not gray like it shows in the photo. 

And this is the one I picked out! 

This sofa is something completely different than I've had in the past.  I recoiled when I first saw it...and perhaps I should go with my first impression... but then I sat on it.  

It's the right height for me and very comfortable!  It also looks better with three pillows across the back and none of the white tags showing!  It's roomy to lie down on (if you remove the pillows) and lying down on a sofa is very important when one watches TV late at night.

The more I looked at it, the better I liked it.  Then all the other sofas in the room looked overstuffed and dated. I decided I loved this sofa.  Bill does not.   I have three votes from children who have their own homes and the reviews are mixed.  In my favor.  Somewhat.  One of the three likes the red one better but feels the brown one would be the better choice for comfort.  Ahhhh...but there is the rub.  It is comfortable although it doesn't appear to be.


Which one would you pick?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Storm in Huber Heights Ohio

 Last night there was a thunderstorm that was quite exciting.  It cleared the humidity and cool, almost cold air blew in the windows and cheered us.  The lack of air conditioning in all the house except the bedroom can be difficult for those of us with health problems. 
 We had a man coming to buy an old patio table we can't take with us and he arrived in the thick of the storm and sat in our driveway for almost an hour before anyone dared to load the metal table into the metal truck.

 At times the rain was so heavy we couldn't see the house across the street.  The lightening was frighteningly loud and thunder following was immediate. 
 Our neighbors suffered with damage to their homes and it was quite a tour we took as we drove through the few blocks surrounding our house.

We were fortunate that our thirty year old maples stayed upright and kept all but one branch.  A branch that landed in the center of the back yard, not causing any damage.  It did get blown around though, surprisingly because those branches are pretty heavy! 

God's power is awesome to behold.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The South Dayton Knitting/Crocheting Group Meetup

So today we said farewell to K who is our leader and founder of The South Dayton Knitting/Crocheting Group Meetup. We met at the home of RevPam and Rev Mary and it was a lovely afternoon. Our group.... AKA The South Dayton Knitters group on Ravelry, was founded by K a little over three years ago and it was a success from the beginning.
We met first at the Java Street Cafe. This great little cafe had sandwiches, coffee and sofas as well as tables. We grouped several tables together at every meeting. The talk was nonstop. The coffee was endless and we were happy. Sadly, the cafe closed soon after. We met at several other locations before settling in comfortably at Boston Stoker in Kettering near the famous Dorothy Lane Market. We enjoy our specialty coffee's (unfortunately not endless!) and we group all the comfy leather chairs and tables into a large circle. We knit from 1:00 to 4:00 every Saturday afternoon. We are such a fixture there that we notified them that we were meeting at another location to hold our party so they wouldn't worry about us!
The smallest group was just two of us one meeting when the group was elsewhere at a yarn festival of sorts and it was just us two Jeannie's. But most weeks we run around 15 or so.

I am so sorry I didn't photograph what each person was working on today, because there are some beautiful items being knitted, large shawls, one Surprise Baby Jacket, sweaters, vests, and a number of other items.

The group is now being headed by Cynthia one of our original members, (seen sitting under the cross). She will monitor the meetup site and host the group on Saturdays.

I joined the group by showing up with a pair of newly purchased knitting needles and a skein of yarn asking if anyone could show me how to knit. The six week old group welcomed me and taught me to knit , purl, cast on and follow a pattern. I am now snowed under with yarn, completed projects and have discovered felting, which is now my passion!

To my surprise, I was also given a card signed by the group and my impending move was mourned along with K's. We won't be completely gone though, due to our connection through! Also we both have family still in the area so visits to the group when we are in town will be fun. Nowhere is there a nicer group of knitters!

Question: Do you knit? Crochet? What was your favorite project?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So, it's July 6 and I am going to try and reserve a moving truck for the 26th. I'm nailing this down to 20 days left.

The bunk beds are not going. They have been sold. These beds held my child for many years. His friends lived here every weekend he was in high school. My grandchildren claimed them on their frequent visits and the TV was visible from both bunks. It made me sad to see them go.

They also provided a bed for many bands that passed through our town. Some famous ones like A Day to Remember and UnderOath. Some not so famous, Jaxin of Of Mice and Men, Gwen Stacy, Asking Alexandrea. Many I can't remember their names. My bed and breakfast dream became reality when I fixed up the family room into the band dorm. Bunk beds, pull out beds and carpeted floors let boys stretch out to sleep instead of in their vans.

This is where I gave bands beds and breakfasts for free. Breakfast like their mom would give them. Eggs, any way they ordered them up. Bacon and sausage. Toast, muffins, bagels, cereal in giant bowls. Orange juice, coffee, milk, sweet tea and even soda pop. I loved seeing their astonished faces when they woke up to a mom cooking for them. All 4, 6, 8 or 10 of them.

The showers all going at once and boys with wet hair and towels wrapped around their middle, scooting past the door. Waiting for their turn to sit at the table in the kitchen.

They would arrive after their show at midnight or later after James called and asked if we could provide arrangements around 11:00 PM. Bill would runt to the store and we would have snacks ready for them. I would quick pick up. They arrived sheepish and apologize for the lateness of the hour. We were always fine with it and welcomed them like we hoped our son would be welcome in the early days of touring. They could hang out in the band dorm, in the living room or kitchen or patio. Some lively, some just needing a quiet nights sleep. Some left early in the morning off to the next show in another state. Some hung around till late afternoon if the next show was close by. The era is now over. Our two bedroom bungalow is off the circuit and much to small.

The motorcycle is not going. It has been sold. Happily for me, sadly for Bill. We bought it 15 years ago, he rode it for one summer and it sat in the way in the garage, shed or driveway for the rest of the time. A few years ago we renovated it spending over $500. We licensed it and presented it to him and he still didn't ride. I began to resent it and tried to get him to sell it but no go. So good by Yamaha! I didn't even watch them load her up and drive away!

The purple cow is going with us. It came here from Kentucky when Pap Pap died and my grandchildren wouldn't hear of us leaving it to the new owners. So it will be loaded on to the truck and live in Florida with us. I can just imagine what the neighbors will think. It brings a smile to my face already!

Pap Pap had a purple cow
The children loved it so
When Pap Pap moved, one snowy day,
The cow just had to go.

They wrestled,
they tussled
They sat and they puzzled.
Each man out of ideas.

The cow looked forlorn
Now missing a horn
But she was simply too heavy
To Moooove.

Then along came a Willis
With a truck and a dolly
A hero for all to see.
He loaded her up
Into the truck
And drove her
Out of Kentucky

The Purple Cow
Now has a new home.
Where the children can come
And see her.

It was joyful to hear
The enormous cheer
When she rolled off the truck
In Ohio.

Now children will paint her
Once again next spring
A brilliant shade of purple
A wreath round her neck
A child on her back
And all is well in our circle.

I guess I will be adding another verse to my poem! I published this poem back in January before a move was thought of!

But on to Florida she'll be walkin'
Grunting men will move her
A tropical shirt she'll be rockin'
Retiring now, oh yes sir!

Question: When was your last move?