I Should be Packing

I should have been packing but I got a call and an invitation to go Fossil Hunting!
My friend, the Mad Scientist, remembered to bring bandanas this time!  Earlier in the week we could not see for the flood of sweat dripping in our eyes.
 It did look as if we had been in a terrible accident and bandaged up...but who cared.  They worked!  The smaller colored ones were for mopping the sweat on the face and neck...at least that is what they were for.  I put mine on my head since I forgot my hat.  You'll notice at the end there is not a picture of me with a green cloth on my head.  That was deliberate.

 We were not allowed to climb the hill.  So we were careful and did not climb the hill....very high.
 We were excited to find fossils in almost every stone we picked up.  This place was a treasure trove. 

Oops!  Are we too high up the hill?
I don't know if there were any fossils in these stones, but the formation suggests an animal print....

But I was just dreaming!
The clarity of the impressions was amazing! 
 We really found some keepers!
 My favorite of the day is above. Being a novice didn't seem to matter here at Ceaser's Creek in Ohio. 

 I got to wondering later....won't the folks in the future be puzzled at finding these fossils from Ohio in Florida?  I guess I was packing after all.  

I was gathering them up, an essential part of the packing process. 


Steve-Dave said…
Remember when there were horn corals a-plenty, scattered, as it were, all over the ground? Ah, the good old days. :-)

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