More Choices

I am thinking about changing my white comfy wrap around sofa that has seen better days and go out on a limb and buy something different for the new house.  One that will go well with my brown leather chair and ottoman.

This is one Bill chose that is very comfortable and comfortable looking.  It is brown, not gray like it shows in the photo. 

And this is the one I picked out! 

This sofa is something completely different than I've had in the past.  I recoiled when I first saw it...and perhaps I should go with my first impression... but then I sat on it.  

It's the right height for me and very comfortable!  It also looks better with three pillows across the back and none of the white tags showing!  It's roomy to lie down on (if you remove the pillows) and lying down on a sofa is very important when one watches TV late at night.

The more I looked at it, the better I liked it.  Then all the other sofas in the room looked overstuffed and dated. I decided I loved this sofa.  Bill does not.   I have three votes from children who have their own homes and the reviews are mixed.  In my favor.  Somewhat.  One of the three likes the red one better but feels the brown one would be the better choice for comfort.  Ahhhh...but there is the rub.  It is comfortable although it doesn't appear to be.


Which one would you pick?


Anonymous said…
I've found that sofas with lots of loose pillows are a PITA. The pillows always look messy, out of place, etc.

susie darblay
Alandra said…
Trying again - last attempt didn't show up. Sorry JM but I don't like the red one at all. Too old fashioned IMO. You should go with your first impression. Why don't you go with leather. We've had ours about 10 years, very comfortable(couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman) - no sign of wear. Can stretch out on couch to watch tv (am 5'9") and have slept on it for nights on end after dogs had surgery and needed watching during nights.

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