A Fond Look Forward

A fond look forward
 The long drive up to the house which will hold the big Budget moving van.  The 24 footer that holds up to 8 rooms that we have packed out, after we pared down everything we could live without.  I tremble when I think about how full it will make the house.  The one we bought for a simpler life. 

 Miss Goodness Gracious who has never known another house.  Gracie has been edgy these past few weeks as furniture disappeared and the household has been upset.  Sad eyes follow me around, upstairs and down and sighs as she flops down in unaccustomed places because the sofa is gone, the bed is gone, her dishes and mat are gone.  She is bereft but we can't help it.

Mohawk, affectionately known as MoMoMo or simply Mo is as unconcerned as the tortoise that lives in the backyard of the new house now.  He is happy for all the open doors that let him explore the backyard freely and munch on grass and unfortunate birds.  He is going to discover the joys of a two day drive and the confinement of a cat carrier for the first time.  A prayer for him, who unlike Gracie, is not at home in the car.

The pristine backyard that will be their new playground, as it sits today.

It will be interesting to see how it looks when we bring in our purple cow, red cardinal, the orange and white  stone kitty that hangs on a tree, Kentucky dinner bell, John Deere Wagon, Seahorse bird bath and assorted lighting, sun dials, trellis, flower pots, benches and signs.  Most of which we inherited from Pap. 

I'm so hoping the green mesh patio set will fit on the truck.  The nice paved area at the bottom right corner of this picture will be it's new home.  It will make a nice potting area and craft table for outside crafts. 

Not to wish my life away, but I hope these next few days getting there will speed by.  It's still soooo very hot. 


Willis Family said…
I hope it goes quick for you too!

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