Moving During a Massive Heat Wave

I knew a move in the summer would be awful, especially a move to Florida, but I didn't count on a heat wave of such majestic proportions.  A heat wave that is breaking records in state after state.  A heat wave that makes the news every night with a death toll.

I have been slowly packing up my house for several weeks, but the real crunch came last week.  Just about the time the heat wave began.  I began wearing my "Don't Panic" button even on my PJ's.  We do not have air conditioning just now.

 Everywhere I look, it's empty, it's a mess, and the windows are open hoping for a breath of cool air.  In vain.

 Then I get a call from my contractor.  "What?  July 29th your moving in? You sent an email Aug 29th."  Oops.  It takes five days to order carpet and then time to install it in three rooms.  We will make it with a few hours to spare.

I also forgot to send him my sample color.  Now I must trust computer color.  When I took a picture of my four possibilities...yikes!  One is massively pink and it's not pink in my hands.  One is waaaay to yellow, also not yellow in my hands.  Fortunately the top left one, Macaroon, was my first choice and the color is perfect.  On my screen.  He needed the color match because I'm not getting the Macaroon carpet.  I'm getting it from his distributor, the closest match, at a huge discount.  Fingers crossed!

I'm choosing to pack at night and nap during peak hours of heat.  I have a window air conditioner in the bedroom and it is a blessing.  I have a huge attic size fan in the upstairs middle room that is pulling air through out the house.  Another blessing. 

 Paring down books is not as much of a problem as I anticipated.  As long as I have my comfort reads, my collectible's and autographed copies I think I'm good.  All other books are available via the library online system or Kindle.  I'm only taking three bookshelves and leaving seven.

 Every box is marked with black marker not only to it's fragility, but what room it came out of.  That doesn't mean that it will go in that room in the new house.  I won't have "bedroom #3".  I won't have "garage".  I won't have "family room" and I won't have "office".  Scaling down is agonizing.

The walls are bare or still holding ugly nails.  The cabinets are empty.  the choices are hard.  Do I take the cup and saucer holder?  What wall is available to put it on?  Bill says take it.  OK.  I'll take it.

I'm beginning to panic.  Where is my button?


Willis Family said…
A sad, sad, Happy, Happy time. You have your button. I have my faces. :`( :)
Affiknitty said…
Good luck with the move. Hope you can stay cool!

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