A Storm in Huber Heights Ohio

 Last night there was a thunderstorm that was quite exciting.  It cleared the humidity and cool, almost cold air blew in the windows and cheered us.  The lack of air conditioning in all the house except the bedroom can be difficult for those of us with health problems. 
 We had a man coming to buy an old patio table we can't take with us and he arrived in the thick of the storm and sat in our driveway for almost an hour before anyone dared to load the metal table into the metal truck.

 At times the rain was so heavy we couldn't see the house across the street.  The lightening was frighteningly loud and thunder following was immediate. 
 Our neighbors suffered with damage to their homes and it was quite a tour we took as we drove through the few blocks surrounding our house.

We were fortunate that our thirty year old maples stayed upright and kept all but one branch.  A branch that landed in the center of the back yard, not causing any damage.  It did get blown around though, surprisingly because those branches are pretty heavy! 

God's power is awesome to behold.


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