Half Price Books

Today I am freeing myself from the weight of hundreds of books I have brought home and have either 1. Not read or 2. Read but won't read again or 3. Read to death.

Our new place cannot hold books numbering in the thousands.  I have 3 large bookshelves upstairs, two huge bookshelves downstairs, stacks of books in various places throughout the house and several hundred garage sale books in the garage. Ninety five percent of which are hard cover books.
Someone told me Half Price Books will buy them!  I'm not expecting my amazing garage sale price of $1.00 a book, nor my eBay prices that sometimes got bid into the hundreds but usually sold from $5-9.99.  No.  When I called to inquire she said I am going to get a cash offer for all books brought in.  Those they don't need or want will be recycled. Ouch.

I'm biting the bullet to a point.  None of my Ralph Moody, Janice Holt Giles, Miss Read, Maud Hart Lovelace or McCall-Smith books will be included in the slaughter.  My kid-lits will be by title that I'm saving.  Who can give up The Moffet books, Jean and Johnny or The Wonderful Year?  Autographed books will stay.  Bill has a stack of books he is keeping.  Our Bibles, of course.   I am taking no more than three bookshelves with me.

 I think I might cry.

What's your favorite book?  How many books do you have?


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