Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trunk or Treat!

1st Annual
Trunk or Treat Family Night Event at 
Faith Baptist Church
New Port Richey, Florida
Oct 31, 2012

I've never done a trunk for Trunk or Treat before so I didn't volunteer.  Then on Sunday I was asked to do one because they were short a few cars for their space.  It was hard to do as I have never seen a decorated trunk.  So I didn't know how to proceed.

This is my tutorial for a basic start with fabulous tips on Decorating Your Trunk

Mom drove by on her way home and saw me working on it so she stopped to Trunk or Treat!  
She went home with Kit Kat bars!

Yes, that's my purple cow in the background.

Here is the "action movie" of my trunk 

The event was really fun.  Everyone had a nicely decorated trunk and tomorrow I'll post some of them.

The Family Night had several events.  The public was invited to participate via flyers and signs.  There was a very large bouncy house, a dozen or so carnival games with prizes on one side of the building.  The teens put on a great 10 minute skit every half hour (as only teens can do!) and the Trunk or Treat event was on the other side of the church where the cars lined up and kids went around the parking strip on both sides from one decorated car to another for a handful of treats at each car.

Here is my tutorial on Holding a Trunk or Treat Event
It was a nice nice for our community and we did this in lieu of our Wednesday evening service. 

You can get some Jesus Awesome Adventure
Treat Boxes on Amazon to give out homemade treats
like cupcakes, popcorn balls to kids you know
or to make up a variety pack.  
These are so cute:

To see other decorated trunks that participated go here
For tips to make your carved pumpkin stand out.....go here

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sinking Spring

The family of Abraham Lincoln drew water from this spring located in Hodgenville Kentucky near the cabin where he was born.


Solitary steps
Amid his own thoughts and prayers
As life surges past

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Art in the Garden

Fall lends itself to make beautiful seasonal garden flower plates because the colors are so gorgeous!

Rescue great plates from your local thrift store, curb or yard sale.  
I like to choose plates with lots of different textures as well.
Shaped plates add visual interest and using bowls in the middle adds depth.  

One stake can host a number of seasonal flower plates along your front walk
 or in the flower bed in front of the house.  

There is nothing like a bit of art in the garden!

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Monday, October 22, 2012


The Courtyard 
The Springfield Museum of Art
Springfield, OH

A marriage forming
love committed forever
stands the test of time

October 15
Dedicated to
 Rachel and James Baney

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Disney's Value Resorts: Inside the All Star Movie Resort Room

Always be thrifty when traveling!  Then you can travel some more!

A Trip to Disney World now means you can afford to stay on site since the opening of five Disney Value Resorts.  We Florida residents also get a special discount and can stay for a little as $65.00 per night during off season.  

We took advantage of the special offer in this past September when we took a trip to attend Micky's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We stayed at the All Star Movie Resort.

Since pets are not welcome at any of the resorts (save one) Gracie was taken to her favorite kennel for a little R&R

 When we arrived we were surprised to find that you can check in early if the room is ready.  This is a great Disney World Tip.  We had planned to try and find something to do since we were two hours early, but seeing others arriving with luggage, I went in to inquire how early we could check in and found  that you can check in as soon as your room is ready.  Our room was ready and we could check in immediately.  This gave us two extra hours of swimming before attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! 

The buildings are themed differently and ours had the large magicians hat and magic brooms on the outside but inside, all the rooms are the same.  We took a room for two, but it could accommodate four.  

The All Star Movies themed room has star encrusted bedspreads, movie posters on the wall and neon inspired headboards.  Mickey Mouse welcomed us!

Everything, even down to the coat rack, is themed.

The border captured the theme of every building.  Each a different Movie.

The bathroom tile is a film strip and the curtain, while matching the colors of the bedspread, had fun movie paraphernalia on it instead of stars.

The rooms are small, but more than adequate for us.  We don't spend any more time in the room than we have to.  There was a small table with two chairs, a television on top of a dresser, a small fridge and that's about it.  We had everything we needed except coffee.  They provided an iron, ironing board and hair dryer but not a coffee pot!  Coffee was available in the dining room only.  So my second tip is bring a small coffee pot and coffee bags.  

All rooms open to the outdoors.  The balcony rails were film strips and the views were fun.  Ours faced the back of the resort, but the buildings and outdoor features were still exciting to see. 

Since our building was Fantasia we had the large magicians hat  and magic brooms carrying water buckets across the front.  Disney decorated our building a beautiful watery blue and the tops of the building  were waves of water and bubbles.  Landscaping is typical Disney with topiary's in the midst of flower gardens and hedges lining the walkways.  

We paid the special price but upgraded to a preferred room for a closer location to the pool.  This  was a savings of about $20.00 over the regular price of $99.00.  The convenience was worth it as it was just an few steps from the pool area and near the lobby and dining area.  

It was a very nice stay aside from the fact that we didn't have a coffee pot.  What are they thinking?  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Witches Tea

There is nothing like a Witches Tea in October!  I don't care if the trees aren't turning colors and the air isn't crisp here in Florida.  It was wonderful fun!

I was a little afraid after dressing up that I would be the only one even though they said wear your
 "Witch Threads".
Even Mom, who likes to party and dress up, decided to wear black and orange and feathers...just to be a bit on the safe side!  Can you imagine me showing up dressed like this and everyone else NOT?  We just didn't know......

But no need to worry.  I was the one on the safe side!

About 70% of the guests dressed in their Witch duds.

They were dressed to the teeth

 Down to their fishnet hose! 

 The tables were loaded with platters of fun food

Like these sandwiches

 And ghost sandwiches, witches fingers and eyeballs....

 The decorations were fun!

light up objects were everywhere...

Not just spooky witches, there were also a number of glamour witches...

It was just a fun time!  My sister Karan arrived in tea clothes 

and became a quick change artist!

The tea was put on by The Sweet Adelines Chorus here in the Port Richey area where my mom was a 
Charter member.  

The chorus entertained us with a little barbershop....

It was delicious fun!! 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Token of Friendship

A happy Halloween surprise came in the mail today
from Paulette at

Waaaay more fun than ordinary mail! 

It came beribboned, wrapped in tissue and decorated with this friendly little witch!
 A personal note of friendship on a package with cards and stickers inside that I will be
sending out to my grandchildren!!  

Thank you so much.    
This really made my day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sights and Sounds of Tampa

I'm reading Le Road Trip and savoring every word.  It's what I love to do.  I'm all about road trips!  Mine have never seemed important before because I often just do ordinary things, stop at someplace cute, watch people and notice interesting architectural details from where I sit on a bench or stone wall or from a car window.  Hey, that's what she does!

While in Tampa yesterday, I was having an enforced longer than usual wait and reading my book.  I suddenly thought.  Yes, France is wonderful, but right now, right here, I'm in Tampa.  Lots of people would like to be in Tampa, Florida, USA.  Save the book for nighttime reading and open your eyes!

I looked around at very ordinary busy street.

I saw palm trees waving and quite a few interesting people going by and so since my camera was at home I wrote down what I saw.


Across the street a very rotund man wearing a cap and a backpack was cycling with a cigarette dangling from his lips.

I heard and saw rescue sirens, fire engine sirens, the roar of a motorcycle and the hum of traffic along with the occasional bass of rap music floating out open car windows.

An old truck with more primer than paint, with a back window sealed with plastic wrap and duct tape rubbing noses with a new shiny red sporty looking KIA.

A middle aged couple, she with a bobbing, bright red umbrella for shade and he carrying a green recyclable grocery bag ambled by silently.

A young man biking across the street weaving through traffic into the parking lot of a restaurant.

That restaurant suddenly invoked visions of a middy blouse, a pipe and huge muscles with anchors tattooed on them.  I wonder if they serve spinach?

Tropical Palm trees enhancing the landscape at a pretty green and white gas station.

Two women struggling to pull open the heavy door of an ice cream parlor.  I could almost feel the rush of cool air billowing out.

Fat, yellow school buses following each other on their way to pick up shouting children.

Flags flying from car windows, a la post 9-11.

A Camouflaged trailer, lettered JARHEAD LAWN SERVICE.  That would be former Marines working hard making a living, despite the economy, I mused approvingly.

A pedestrian boldly jay walking, breaking the law in front of everyone. Are tickets ever issued?

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sweet tiny dog leashed about the neck pulling along a giant of a man as if he weighed nothing.

Suddenly the phone rings...and I am startled out of my imagination and it's time to pick up my husband, Bill.  I remembered my phone has a camera and I snap a picture.  Looking at in now, the scene has become ordinary.  If I publish it, your imagined view of Tampa will be shattered.   I considered doing a watercolor of it as the author of  Le Road Trip does but my talents lie elsewhere. Perhaps this alteration of my photo will hint at the beautiful impressionistic view I had while seated at a bench under an oak tree dripping with Spanish moss.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World

The Grand Floridian is possibly the most elegant resort in Disney World.  It's modeled after classic Victorian  Florida beach resorts.  

It looks like an old fashioned post card!  I can almost see "Greetings from Florida" in an arc over the roof.  

The public is welcome to come to any of the Disney resorts and enjoy the grounds and the shops for up to four hours.  We visited the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary Resort and the Polynesian Resort.  

Each resort has a unique flavor and there is something for everyone.  My favorite so far is the Grand Floridian, which is also the most pricey with rooms that can run $2000 per night.

We entered from the second floor and walked around to the other side and took this shot looking down

and looking across

and from the lobby looking up
 and from the lobby looking up!

 There are fresh flowers everywhere scenting the rooms.
 on pedestal tables

in tall vases next to elevators

in short vases next to comfy chairs.

The Victorian Resort theme is found in vintage decor

and large murals.

in various areas
This three dimensional boxed painting was exquisite! 
It's found in a short passageway going out to the grounds

There are wonderful spaces to relax outdoors 

Pathways to wander 

The porters were about, delivering bags in scalloped roofed trollys, wearing vintage plus fours and caps.  

Small signs requesting we overlook their appearance 
as remodeling is in progress.  The fence, however was actually quite nice,
painted my favorite shade of blue.  

The tiered fountain was lovely

and I took the opportunity to snatch a photo with my love...
 only to discover flat bangs and wet hair.  It subdued my mood a bit.

Not too subdued to photograph one of the bigger pots so I might
copy the arrangement perhaps. 

Dining Tips
Floridian Resort offers tea in the afternoon to the public.  A Victorian tea with scones, tiny sandwiches and  desserts done as only Disney can.  

For the children there is a character breakfast.  A beautiful buffet with chaffing dishes filled with the most delectable breakfast items.  Everything you might want and more.  We attended one many years ago.  Nothing, nothing is more fun than having Alice and the Mad Hatter, Tigger and Mary Poppins come over and greet you in the comfort of an air conditioned room without the crowds and the hurry, hurry, hurry of the park.  It was worth every extra penny for the elegant room, the divine meal and the special attention paid to our grandchildren by their Disney friends. 

Since we may never actually be able to stay at the Grand Floridian I snapped the photo below.  

We were  
taking a moment before we left,
 to relax .  I'm people watching, Hubs drifted off.  
At least one of us can say they slept at the Grand Floridian.