The Witches Tea

There is nothing like a Witches Tea in October!  I don't care if the trees aren't turning colors and the air isn't crisp here in Florida.  It was wonderful fun!

I was a little afraid after dressing up that I would be the only one even though they said wear your
 "Witch Threads".
Even Mom, who likes to party and dress up, decided to wear black and orange and feathers...just to be a bit on the safe side!  Can you imagine me showing up dressed like this and everyone else NOT?  We just didn't know......

But no need to worry.  I was the one on the safe side!

About 70% of the guests dressed in their Witch duds.

They were dressed to the teeth

 Down to their fishnet hose! 

 The tables were loaded with platters of fun food

Like these sandwiches

 And ghost sandwiches, witches fingers and eyeballs....

 The decorations were fun!

light up objects were everywhere...

Not just spooky witches, there were also a number of glamour witches...

It was just a fun time!  My sister Karan arrived in tea clothes 

and became a quick change artist!

The tea was put on by The Sweet Adelines Chorus here in the Port Richey area where my mom was a 
Charter member.  

The chorus entertained us with a little barbershop....

It was delicious fun!! 

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Shannon Fox said…
Oh goodness! Looks like you all had a fantastic time :)

Happy Fall!
ridiculous FUN! i love costume parties like that and just look at the big smiles on ur lovely faces :) fancy a cuppa? :D
Vickky Mavs said…
looks so fun :) hi there.
Debbiedoos said…
Yikes. this looks fun. Thanks for sharing.
Jill said…
What a fun event!!!
Karen said…
That looks like fun, love the costumes! Thanks so much for stopping by.
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
Very cool,looked like a wonderful time!Great pics!
Fun post!! I bet you were glad you dressed appropriately!! Thanks for visiting! ~Zuni
Looks like all the witches had a great time! There's nothing like witches' fingers cookies!!
must love junk said…
Wow-you girls went all out!! So fun! :)
akawest said…
That looks like fun!
Oh goodness me, what a fabulous and fun party! Your mom is the best though, love her enthusiasm too! You all look awesome and the food looks yum and fun too!! Thanks for your sweet visit, you made my day!
LV said…
Even witches enjoy a good party with friends.
★Carol★ said…
Looks like you ladies had a blast! I'm very partial to witch costumes. My first memory of Halloween was the witch costume that my Mom made for me, and it was a real hit. I still have it, and thanks to your post, I'm going to dig it out and show it on my blog!
Happy REDnesday,
So glad you had a good time! (and weren't overdressed!)
Oh wow Jeanne it looks like it was a blast!!! Fun+fun+fun! I love fun!
What a cute idea for a party. So many cute tie-ins with the food etc. Looks like everyone was having a blast. Good for you for going in costume!
Looks like everyone had a blast! I haven't been to a true costume party in years! I love this time of year! :)

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