Disney's Value Resorts: Inside the All Star Movie Resort Room

Always be thrifty when traveling!  Then you can travel some more!

A Trip to Disney World now means you can afford to stay on site since the opening of five Disney Value Resorts.  We Florida residents also get a special discount and can stay for a little as $65.00 per night during off season.  

We took advantage of the special offer in this past September when we took a trip to attend Micky's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We stayed at the All Star Movie Resort.

Since pets are not welcome at any of the resorts (save one) Gracie was taken to her favorite kennel for a little R&R

 When we arrived we were surprised to find that you can check in early if the room is ready.  This is a great Disney World Tip.  We had planned to try and find something to do since we were two hours early, but seeing others arriving with luggage, I went in to inquire how early we could check in and found  that you can check in as soon as your room is ready.  Our room was ready and we could check in immediately.  This gave us two extra hours of swimming before attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! 

The buildings are themed differently and ours had the large magicians hat and magic brooms on the outside but inside, all the rooms are the same.  We took a room for two, but it could accommodate four.  

The All Star Movies themed room has star encrusted bedspreads, movie posters on the wall and neon inspired headboards.  Mickey Mouse welcomed us!

Everything, even down to the coat rack, is themed.

The border captured the theme of every building.  Each a different Movie.

The bathroom tile is a film strip and the curtain, while matching the colors of the bedspread, had fun movie paraphernalia on it instead of stars.

The rooms are small, but more than adequate for us.  We don't spend any more time in the room than we have to.  There was a small table with two chairs, a television on top of a dresser, a small fridge and that's about it.  We had everything we needed except coffee.  They provided an iron, ironing board and hair dryer but not a coffee pot!  Coffee was available in the dining room only.  So my second tip is bring a small coffee pot and coffee bags.  

All rooms open to the outdoors.  The balcony rails were film strips and the views were fun.  Ours faced the back of the resort, but the buildings and outdoor features were still exciting to see. 

Since our building was Fantasia we had the large magicians hat  and magic brooms carrying water buckets across the front.  Disney decorated our building a beautiful watery blue and the tops of the building  were waves of water and bubbles.  Landscaping is typical Disney with topiary's in the midst of flower gardens and hedges lining the walkways.  

We paid the special price but upgraded to a preferred room for a closer location to the pool.  This  was a savings of about $20.00 over the regular price of $99.00.  The convenience was worth it as it was just an few steps from the pool area and near the lobby and dining area.  

It was a very nice stay aside from the fact that we didn't have a coffee pot.  What are they thinking?  


SmilingSally said…
That is blue-tiful!

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne.
joyh82 said…
That is where we roomed when we were there many ages ago. I so want to go back! Happy Blue Monday :)
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
Staying there looked very fun & a bargain price ,too!Great Pics!
LV said…
I have never been here. Looks like a great place to stay at a reasonable rate.
Jill said…
I was to Florida two years ago, I want to go back!!

SOOO jealous! I want to go there too! i bet you had a blast. Looks like you did!!!

My kids keep seeing the Disney commercials and wanting to go... I wont show them your blog ;)
Visiting from the newbie party! Stop by if you wish!
Laura said…
planning a disney trip soon! these are things to know!! thanks so much
Anonymous said…
I sure miss our Disney visits - it's been about 8-9 years now. Maybe I need another grandkid!

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