Non Scary Trunk or Treat Tutorial

1st Annual
Trunk or Treat Family Night Event at 
Faith Baptist Church

I've never done a trunk for Trunk or Treat before so I didn't volunteer.  Then on Sunday I was asked to do one because they were short a few cars for their space.  It was hard to do as I have never seen a decorated trunk.  So I didn't know how to proceed.

Mom drove by on her way home and saw me working on it so she stopped to Trunk or Treat!  
She went home with Kit Kat bars!

Yes, that's my purple cow in the background.

Here is the "action movie" of my trunk 

The event was really fun.  Everyone had a nicely decorated trunk and tomorrow I'll post some of them.

The Family Night had several events.  The public was invited to participate via flyers and signs.  There was a very large bouncy house, a dozen or so carnival games with prizes on one side of the building.  The teens put on a great 10 minute skit every half hour (as only teens can do!) and the Trunk or Treat event was on the other side of the church where the cars lined up and kids went around the parking strip on both sides from one decorated car to another for a handful of treats at each car.

It was a nice nice for our community and we did this in lieu of our Wednesday evening service. 


Rebecca said…
Wow! You went "All Out!"
Paulette said…
Just finished Trunk or Treat at my grandchildren's school parking lot, such fun. Your trunk is fabulous, I just hung some black paper and a huge spider from my hatch. Looking forward to seeing more photos with the lights. You are so creative.
Unknown said…
Your trunk looks so cute! I've never heard of Trunk or Treat! What a great idea!
Unknown said…
Very cute and what a cute trunk of cheer.
ColibriNB said…
I had never heard of a trunk or treat before either - I'll go to bed better informed tonight !!
Happy Halloween to all !
I loved your trunk or treat, these are new from when my daughter was little. I think it seems like a great idea. Hope you had fun, Laura
Abby said…
Very cute! You did an amazing job, Jeanne!! I too, have never heard of trunk or decorate the trunk of your car & kids trick or treat all of them lined up there at the church.?? We didn't have even one trick or treater tonite ...had to eat the candy ourselves! It was a terrible !! :)
love the way u arranged the flowers and leaves on ur trunk jeanne! oooohh candy....
I'm another newbie to this idea! Very pretty!
Pamela said…
Love all your cute fall decor! Thanx for coming to THT.
Tami Michel said…
Your trunk was awesome!!!
Tami @ Curb Alert!

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