Stunning Polish

I was wearing this color when I went to buy some very conservative polish.  It looked fun and so I impulsively picked this up.  

Now, don't you think that this is some stunning polish? 

I did my nails as soon as I got home while talking a blue streak to Mr. Bill about a class I had just attended.  
I left the paraphernalia on the table and waved my hands around drying them while he and I watched TV.

We spent all day together the next day without a word about the neon blue, but I noticed he moved all the manicure paraphernalia and I got a "look" as he remarked that this was HIS table area.  

 I was sure when we went to church that evening a possible scathing remark would be forthcoming from my conservative man.  But he was good.  I matched my clothing to my nails and added some bright green and a multicolored scarf.  You couldn't miss me.  

We were so busy I forgot about everything else.  Another night passed.  When we were out today, I realized this color didn't look good with everything I owned.  It was pretty garish against the yellow and pink.  Maybe I'm not going to love it after all. I don't want to have to change color all the time.  Maybe my pearl pink will be better.

 I handed him a cup of ice water when we went through the drive thru and he did a bit of a double take.  "Wow, blue."  He said mildly

"When did you do that?"

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Whimsy and Juno said…
Haha! Ahhh men. They never notice that you've changed something about yourself until about a week later!
I personally LOVE that gorgeous colour and will hunt for a bottle of my own when I am in the US this week! if you think it's a bit much for your fingernails, try using it on your toes instead- you can always get away with super bright colours that way, and they don't clash with clothes! :)
xoxo Lauren
mispapelicos said…
Lovely, my friend.
have a grand weekend.
Abby said…
Fun post, Jeanne! 😊 I love how observant men can be sometimes! Also loved the cherery color of polish...I am so lazy so I always pick thepearl pinks & corals so it doesn't sjow up so bad as it ages! Half the timeI just slap on another coat instead of removing & putting on fresh.

Later gater!

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