Disney World's Contemporary Resort

My curiosity about Disney's Contemporary Resort has been piqued ever since my first visit to Disney World the exciting new Monorail shockingly whisked me through the middle of it.  One could see inside, but with only a limited tantalizing view.

Disney resorts are open to the public and anyone can visit for up to four hours and enjoy the atmosphere, so we took a day and visited The Floridian Resort, The Polynesian Resort and the Contemporary Resort

Many visits later I was still as intrigued as ever and so was Bill.  
We were excited to have the time to finally explore it.

On the day we took exploring three Disney resorts, The Contemporary Resort was our second stop.

When you step out of the Monorail this view is quite impressive.

There are 18,000 hand painted and fire glazed cut tiles  in the lobby
Yes, I should mention the artist, Mary Blair.  She also did the designs for It's a Small World.   She had worked on several films for Disney as well, Songs of the South, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. 

The lines are sweeping and futuristic.
There are several restaurants in the lobby area.
Coming here to eat midday you will not find large crowds or have to wait long for your meal.

You place your order on the computer screen and they call you when it's ready.

Everywhere the tiled murals astound you

A little known fact
The little goat here has five legs.  Indians believed nothing can be perfect, life always has imperfections.

I can identify with that.  My grandmother always put a little mistake in items she was crocheting. She called it a spider and it was to prove the item was handmade.  It was said she was part Indian.  Maybe so.  

A hidden Micky?  
I've seen one bigger and they claim it's a hidden Micky.
I don't think so!   

We didn't go out to the swimming and beach area as it seemed you could see it all from here. We did zip by later in the lake!
This was looking out the window  located on the side of the building directly across from the Monorail 

We loved the balcony at the end of the building where the Monorail enters

It's so graceful looking.

We were discussing that you could come and enjoy the fireworks show anytime from the balcony
 at night.  (I understand they pipe in the music and the announcers voice as well. ) when 
 suddenly there were two sets of "test" fireworks set off just for us!


You really need to click on the picture to make it full size because you can also see the Monorail approaching!

While on the balcony  it was exciting to see the Monorail swooping in

I was able to catch a good shot of how it sits on the rail

Back inside I took a close up picture of the historical tile story

It's so interesting how they put them together like a puzzle.
 Can you see how the pictures are in relief and not just painted on? 

Even the carpet reminded me of Tomorrowland

The Contemporary Resort hotel was beautiful in its simplicity.  It was large and spacious.  It was very modern with no frills anywhere.  Contemporary.

Rooms range from $350 per night to $2000+

There is a little walkway that goes to the Magic Kingdom.  It takes about 10 minutes or so to walk.  

I saw an extremely tall man with a tiny child shopping in the canteen area for items to take up to his room and overheard him tell a women that, no he didn't play basketball anymore, but used to play professionally.  Bill had been joking with him and trying to make the child laugh earlier but we hadn't recognized him, not being pro basketball fans.  Later that afternoon we went speeding by on the lake and he and the child were out on the grassy area and  when we saw each other we both waved in surprised recognition. 

It was really fun to finally get to see everything up close and personal!   Now off to see the next resort, The Grand Floridian which I'll be writing about soon.

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me said…
Me, too! Sadly, I've never taken the time to check it out. I think the next time we visit Disney I will explore! :)
Paulette said…
I am enjoying your tours of the Disney properties.
Happy Blue Gal said…
Those Mary Blair murals are so beautiful! Thanks for the inside info on one of the resorts we have yet to stay at. We'll stop in for the art next time, for sure!
Lisa said…
I have lived in Central Florida for year and am learning more about the Disney Resorts from your visits than I I ever did when I visited.

Love your posts on Disney!
Geneva said…
Sadly, I've never visited any of the Disney properties, but did enjoy your tour. Very nice!
handpainted u say? wow! i am more excited now to see Disney :) thanks for the info jeanne.. ur a great storyteller :)
I have also never visited Disney, but I kinda feel like i have after your post. Thanks for the info and being with you on your tour! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!
More great photos! We never stayed there, but had a delish dinner at one of the restaurants. Disney was one of the things I loved best about being a FL resident. Guess you're enjoying their super resident discounts. Have fun!

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