Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting About in Key West

Whether you arrive by cruise ship, jet or car or whether you live on Key West, getting around is fun.  

For the tourist in us all the Conch Train was a great way to get about.
Hearing the history and seeing all the important places was primary on our list.
Brian was our guide.  If you go, be sure and stop and say hi for me.

One thing we noticed many people decorated their vehicles.  It's not surprising as there are many artists who reside in Key West.

I barely caught this photo as we drove by on the Conch Train.  It is just like the special little sculpture we have at home.

It was just missing a spare tire and the little black Labrador in the bed of the truck, like our black Lab, Gracie.  

Boy...this one is perfect for zooming about.  This wasn't was on display!

This was also on display...but in someones front yard. I'm not judging. 

I had to include this little gem further up in the line of keys.  

Many of the cruise ship tourists rented scooters and so you saw a ton of these speeding about.
I should add a few puffs of smoke behind it!  I had room.  They all drive too fast.

But everywhere you saw bicycles.  Almost as many as cars.  The island is so small you could cycle around it in an hour or so.  

And last but not least...the flamingo pink taxi that I blogged about earlier.  So fun! 

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sculptures in Key West

 These kinds of sculptures always fascinate me.  I always do a double take as they are usually life size.  This first one was not, however.  It's quite a landmark!

But then, here and there we ran across quite a few life size ones.

The coat was a bit odd, even for November as many were wearing shorts and flip flops.

Grandma shopping

The Fisherman

Near the train station

When we arrived, quite a crowd was around this one.  
Note the people on the bench...or should I say person?

I did my double take as I zeroed in and realized they were naked.
I didn't find pink flamingos but Key West wasn't lacking in pink bodies.

Again the heavy jackets showed these were part of a traveling display.  When we lived in Dayton there was a traveling show that stayed for about six months with figures everywhere downtown.

This one was by the water, so it was well placed.

They are fun to run across.  Have you seen these in your city?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Key West Just Us and the Chickens

I was astounded when I saw the first one.  

There were many things I was looking forward to seeing in Key West, Florida but...

for heavens sake, we stopped for gas and there was this magnificent rooster crowing like crazy!

It was a gas station not a farm! 

As we drove around we saw them everywhere
It was like they owned the city

Even in the dining area of the restaurant where we had lunch!

Just Strolling about, not one but several in different colors.  No one paid any attention.
( I would have loved to have gotten a picture of the huge 
green iguana that ran across the patio just after I snapped this.  It was much bigger than our Tampa area lizards. )

Anyway, I had to be quick as we did much of our touring by car and tour train
(find the hidden hen) 
so some are quite obscure.
So many shots were blurred.  One I missed completely was of the proverbial chicken crossing the road.  He was in the crosswalk, mind you.  In a busy intersection, crossing with the light! 

The locals love them and often we saw private homes with Chicken features.

Like these gate posts

And this weather vane

They had many for sale in shops

There were much more interesting things to see, of course.  But I had to get my chicken post written because  it's the one thing that really surprised me about Key West. I was looking for flamingos to be stalking about and instead Key West was overrun with chickens!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

An Outdoor Cafe in Key West

"Squawk, said the chicken
I can go where I want
Go ahead and shoo." 

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we stayed in town and celebrated Thanksgiving with Mom and my Uncle Bob, my dad's brother.  

We enjoyed
Roast Turkey & Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatoes and gravy
Sweet Potatoes
Buttered Corn
Deviled Eggs
Stuffed Celery
Dinner Rolls
White wine and Soft Drinks

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie a la Mode

Football was enjoyed in between dinner and dessert by the men.

Mom and I leafed through my Southern Living Cookbooks and discussed recipes,
remembered our family members who were celebrating elsewhere,
and talked over past Thanksgiving celebrations.

And we had a very enjoyable and quite perfect day of  thanks

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Driving to Key West

Amid all the Thanksgiving posts I offer you a tropical paradise! 
Travel Tip #1 Vsit Key West in November.  The weather was ideal.  

 The scenery was spectacular while driving down through the keys.  This one and the one below are straight our of the camera.

We got out between islands to drink in the view and while everyone was on the bridge I clambered down a steep hill on a well worn pathway to capture this shot.
Travel Tip #2 Look for unusual angles for your photos

There were cruise ships peeking out from in between ancient buildings.

The taxi's were flamingo pink and they were everywhere!
Travel Tip #3 Pay attention to the unusual.  It's surprising how many travelers notice and respond to something familiar rather than unique.

Everywhere you looked it was a postcard

There were no end to the extraordinary places you could visit.
Travel Tip #4 Always stop and read Historical Markers!  They are a wealth of information and you don't have to pay admission to get it!

Everyone gathered at Mallory Square to capture the sunset.  It's a daily event and the area is filled with vendors to provide food and drinks and actors and acrobats performing for tips.
Travel Tip #5 Ask the locals what is special to see in their town.

The next morning I woke up and my view from the hotel balcony  was glorious.  It was early morning but the sun was already up.

The beaches are lovely...notice the lone dreamer, sitting below the palm tree.

I wished for a better view of the lighthouse, you can see the top and bottom but the middle is hidden behind the lushness.  

This was an exciting place!  Imagine!!!
Travel Tip #6 Get out of the car when you see something unusual or interesting.  Especially if there is a crowd.

Another reminder of how far south we were.  Highway 1 ends here!

It runs 2,377 miles (3,825 km), from Fort Kent, Main to Key West, Florida

The drive home afforded colossal sights for tourists
Travel Tip #7 Don't believe everything you see! 
Found at Key Largo

Found at Pigeon Key 
One of the original cars from the railroad that once connected the keys.

A simple canal out to the Atlantic

And I couldn't resist taking this as we drove towards the mainland.  What? Why? you might ask?  
Where else would you find the cement wall between lanes carefully painted an aqua marine blue?
Attention to detail folks.  It sets the stage coming down and makes you wistful going back.  

I hope this isn't my last visit through the Keys.

Travel Tip review:

Travel Tip #1 Vsit Key West in November
Travel Tip #2 Look for unusual angles for your photos
Travel Tip #3 Pay attention to the unusual.
Travel Tip #4 Always stop and read Historical Markers!
Travel Tip #5 Ask the locals what is special to see in their town.
Travel Tip #6 Get out of the car when you see something unusual or interesting. 
Travel Tip #7 Don't believe everything you see!