Getting About in Key West

Whether you arrive by cruise ship, jet or car or whether you live on Key West, getting around is fun.  

For the tourist in us all the Conch Train was a great way to get about.
Hearing the history and seeing all the important places was primary on our list.
Brian was our guide.  If you go, be sure and stop and say hi for me.

One thing we noticed many people decorated their vehicles.  It's not surprising as there are many artists who reside in Key West.

I barely caught this photo as we drove by on the Conch Train.  It is just like the special little sculpture we have at home.

It was just missing a spare tire and the little black Labrador in the bed of the truck, like our black Lab, Gracie.  

Boy...this one is perfect for zooming about.  This wasn't was on display!

This was also on display...but in someones front yard. I'm not judging. 

I had to include this little gem further up in the line of keys.  

Many of the cruise ship tourists rented scooters and so you saw a ton of these speeding about.
I should add a few puffs of smoke behind it!  I had room.  They all drive too fast.

But everywhere you saw bicycles.  Almost as many as cars.  The island is so small you could cycle around it in an hour or so.  

And last but not least...the flamingo pink taxi that I blogged about earlier.  So fun! 

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Sandy said…
I am a Florida girl although I have not lived here all my life.. born in Tampa, lived in Miami off and on throughout my life.. now back in Clearwater and going down to the keys is a yearly drive... it's fun in the PM.. I did arrive by cruise ship, that was boring...because they always get there in the AM when almost everyone is sleeping or closed.. but It is beautiful down there and I just love the Roosters and Chickens that roam the streets... so glad you enjoyed your time there..
JoKnows said…
Oh, that all looks so fun! Jealous!

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