Off again

I am off today on a short road trip down to Miami and the Keys to relax and explore.  

I'll be returning next week sometime with pictures!  

In the meantime 

These dudes can take over my front porch.  I won't be chasing them off.

This is how I think it looks

How it really looked when I went to change the candles
A frog and a dragon on the same lantern.

I believe this is the frog I saw spread eagled, like a decoration, on the chimney a few days ago.
At least I hope so.  

Come on....this dragon is smiling at me!!

But he wasn't hard to chase off.  Dragons are like lightening streaks


Paulette said…
Safe journey and have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see your photos of this trip.
Have a wonderful time Jeanne!

Cute pictures of nature :)
i have never seen a frog as white as that jeanne :) curious! yeah that is a happy dragon :)
Cheryl said…
OH my goodness! What a funny surprise! lol We have lizards around here--- my cat catches them. He likes to show off lol

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