Sculptures in Key West

 These kinds of sculptures always fascinate me.  I always do a double take as they are usually life size.  This first one was not, however.  It's quite a landmark!

But then, here and there we ran across quite a few life size ones.

The coat was a bit odd, even for November as many were wearing shorts and flip flops.

Grandma shopping

The Fisherman

Near the train station

When we arrived, quite a crowd was around this one.  
Note the people on the bench...or should I say person?

I did my double take as I zeroed in and realized they were naked.
I didn't find pink flamingos but Key West wasn't lacking in pink bodies.

Again the heavy jackets showed these were part of a traveling display.  When we lived in Dayton there was a traveling show that stayed for about six months with figures everywhere downtown.

This one was by the water, so it was well placed.

They are fun to run across.  Have you seen these in your city?

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Rebecca said…
Yes! I wish I could remember the sculptor's name...but a town just north of us (Auburn, IN) has featured his sculptures a couple of summers. I'm thinking it MIGHT be the same man. I think I recognize one or two that you showed here! Aren't they great?!?
Whimsy and Juno said…
Haha that's awesome! It's great when you visit somewhere and see the quirky things they have going on around the town.

Aussies are huge fans of 'big' things and there are lots of huge sculptures and statues scattered around the country. There's the big prawn, the big pineapple, the big banana, the big koala, the big merino, the big blue heeler...the list goes on! It certainly makes sightseeing fun on long car trips! :)

xoxo Lauren

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