Thrifting Treasures

My sister, Janet invited me to breakfast this morning and while we were finishing the coffee we decided to make a run to the local Salvation Army store to go thrifting.  I'm a thrifter that has been on the wagon for quite some time, due to lack of space!!  

Today I fell off the wagon. 

These Melmac trays are fun to and I always pick them up when I find them, which isn't often.  This set had four trays, two of each picture.  Wonderful graphics!   They were marked Made in Italy.  

A cute saucer that will make a perfect center for a garden flower plate!  Look at one of my finished plates HERE

 This one is a bowl, somewhat like a flat soup bowl but has is hand painted and designed to be hung.  It has two holes in the base for wire.  I plan to turn it into a table whimsey by  matching it with a crystal candlestick.  What is a table whimsey, you ask?   Click here: Table Whimsey

The bowl is vintage pottery and I love the soft green color and the rings around the side! 

I believe it's USA  Pottery

A Starbella Scarf in the most gorgeous colors! I know how to knit them with special Starbella yarn and have made several.  This one feels new, and was way less than the price of the Starbella yarn at Joanne Fabrics or Michaels.   I have a great tip for using this kind of yarn Here

A thrifting trip is not complete unless I find a new mug!  We have been shelling a lot at beaches lately and not found any really nice shells even though we went all the way to Sanibel Island!  My eyes roved over the mass of ordinary when I came across this gorgeous cup.  All these beautiful shells, each one unique, going completely around the cup.  I was ready for a new cup, it's been quite some time since my last one.  

What a fun morning!  

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Jill said…
You sure didn't have to pay much for your treasures! Nice!!
Unknown said…
What a lot of fun you must have had and got some terrific finds!
Great finds, jumping over from Rednesday. Have to check out your blog hop here. Thanks, Pam
What treasures!! Your green bowl is McCoy and actually called yellow ware and can be quite pricey depending on the pattern. I have one in my Kitchen that is worth $250!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

I love those Melmac trays! They are perfect for Florida living! Great finds my friend! FUN finds!
Micupoftea said…
Love those trays and the gorgeous green bowl! Thnx for hosting- off to blog hop :)
JoKnows said…
You got some great stuff! The trays are so cute. It's easy to fall off that wagon. I have been there! ;)
How come falling off the wagon feels so good? lol! Love, love the green bowl. I have one a similar shade. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Just have to tell you that my middle name is Marie and I have a sister named Jeanne.

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