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Hi Jeanne. What a gorgeous shot of the owl. How close were you to it actually? I love birds but I am afraid of them! Seriously, my grandmother's duck chased me as a little girl and I have been afraid of them ever since. I can never get this close up a shot with my little camera..Happy Wednesday..Judy
How precious. I think I've seen him at the park! What a great photo! Hugs!
Micupoftea said…
Oh, what a treat- he's gorgeous! I've only seen owls from a distance at night, but you got a great look at this handsome owl! :)
Have a great weekend~
mail4rosey said…
I am visiting today from Simply Vintageous by Suzan's blog hop. :)

What a great picture!! I would love to come across him, but be slightly scared too, I think. :)
Hootin' Anni said…
What a GREAT picture!!!
Patty said…
I can't help but think of that new Geico commercial...the mom and dad owl - the dad keeps saying "Whooo?"
This is a beautiful picture!
Owls are amazing creatures...so quiet when they fly.
He's so beautiful! You got an excellent shot of him.

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