A Whimsical Garden in Matlacha Florida

This Garden in Matlacha was a delight to walk through! 

It is the pride of Artist Leoma Lovegrove, her whimsical garden is just outside her art gallery.  All the mosaic work, the colors, designs, flair is uniquely hers.  I can't say when I've been in a more fun place! 

 Who paints tree trunks?  Leoma does...delightfully!

Stepping stones lead from one pathway to another 

 The stage area with a large round patio of mosaic tile

 A walk out to the dock where we are advised to Love They Neighbor

 The bottle trees are gorgeous

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Later we went next door for Ice Cream

Where every set of tables were hand painted in different styles 

And even the sides of the buildings were attractive enough to photograph!

More to come on Matlacha, Florida

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nancygrayce said…
What a beautiful garden! I've lived in Florida my entire life and never even been to Sanibel Island!
Cheapchick said…
How cute! I love the little table and chair sets.
Gattina said…
What an interesting garden and so beautiful !
Gattina said…
Thanks for following my blog now, I did the same on yours !
Such a cool garden, shows a very creative mind. Thanks for taking us along, I might drive up for a visit some weekend. Thanks for the advice!
I'll put that on my list to visit! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful vacation spots here in Florida! Enjoy your day!
Diane Writes said…
Everything looks picture perfect! I particularly love the walk out dock. I would love to stay there for a while with the refreshing view. And that ice cream looks yummy too.

Thank you for linking up in my Sunday Series Jeannie :) I appreciate it.

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