Everglades Wonder Gardens Part II

 The gators at Everglades Wonder Gardens  in Bonita Springs Florida, are clearly the most interesting and exciting of the animal attractions and worth the price of admission alone.  

They are slithery, active and legion!

On this side of the pond they were on the move. 

Over here they were hungrily devouring the alligator food tossed down.  

This wildly adventurous senior citizen gingerly made his way across the swaying rope bridge with gators circling in the waters below.  

Further along the lovely flamingos had a beautifully calm pond to wander in.  A bench is thoughtfully placed in the observation area so one can linger and enjoy these beautiful birds.

 Wide and shady pathways meander where new plants nestle among the established gardens.  

Native birds can be observed closely, 

while dappled sunshine pours over newly planted vegetation.  

Turtles cluster eagerly to be the first to gobble their special food that is sold inside.  For fifty cents you receive quite a nice bag of pellets that they really enjoy.   

A last look at the old Florida attraction was enjoyed though the raccoons are now gone.

A rest in the water garden was delightful while a feisty parrot called to us.  

Come for a visit and "LIKE"  their Facebook page:
You'll feel like part of the family.  If you live near Bonita Springs or plan to be vacationing in Florida, this Facebook page will have all the news when special events take place.

It was hard to say goodbye but our time was limited.  I know we will be returning to see all the renovations that will be taking place.  

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NatureFootstep said…
my favourite is the flamingo. I don´t like gators.
lina@family said…
A great place to visit; but I'm afraid of gators.
Erica (Irene) said…
What a fabulous place to visit....my favourite are the Flamingos. I always collect anything with Flamingos'.

Happy Blue Monday!
Rebecca said…
I'd do about ANYthing to avoid the swinging bridge and alligators. In fact, I'm not too fond of reptiles in general...

You've got some great photos here! What an interesting place to visit.
bj said…
What a cool place to go....
like everyone else, the gators are scary and the flamingos are awesome. :)
Leovi said…
I love that beautiful place to see animals!
Anonymous said…
Intriquing photography ~ quite the place to visit ~ ^_^
SmilingSally said…
I too chicken to cross that bridge, but I'd love to visit. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeannie Marie.
I love going to the Everglades. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.
My name is Riet said…
We have been to Florida often but never visited the everglades, just because of the alligators. Don't like them at all. Love the flamingo's tho.
Pie said…
Cool captures. I played too. Mine are here and here.

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