A Heigh Ho Silver and Away.

 I'm indulging Mr. Me this month. 
We took these from the guest room and brought them out for us to enjoy.

The Remington sculptures are inherited from my father in law

Not exactly a Feng Shui kind of decor but without a den they had to go somewhere!  
We have had return guests so the thundering hooves haven't disturbed anyone's sleep.

  We love the recreated vintage photos
I didn't realize I had so many!  

These were taken when my kids were quite young and we only had three.
From L.to R.  Dianne, Billy the Kid and Shelly

This is me
Mr. Mr was not into dressing up for a photo but I was willing to go it alone.

 My daughter in the above photo, Shelly
has produced these two desperado's Kyle and Kyra,
Both of whom are teenagers today

 My parents started the fad
This was about 1977
I believe it was an anniversary picture.

The holster is vintage
The rocking cowboy is a toy from the Museum Store

I may tweak it a bit with some other items I have and maybe not.

Well, I did  lower the picture so we could see the sculptures better
and I think they almost look like they are a part of the print.

What do you think?


Rebecca said…
Wow! Those Remingtons are VERY cool - and I think your collection looks quite at home on that mantel - with the stone background, etc. Nice!
Paulette said…
The mantel looks stunning with the Remington bronze pieces, and the picture above the mantel pulls everything together. Love all of your dress up photos of your family.
Your old photos are so charming with the vignette you've created.
Love it!!
And I adore those photos in Victorian Clothes!! One day, I will have something like that done!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!

The old pics look fabulous, along with the mantel with the artwork and the horses figures on it! I love it! Thanks for the visit!
The photos you've had taken are all such fun and perfect for displaying with this collection. I am amazed at how many you have! WOW! They are exquisite. You should move to Ocala....you know everyone here loves horses! I LOVE them all!!!
Donna Wilkes said…
The print is the perfect background for the sculptures. You styled the stone fireplace very well. Very Manly :>))
Unknown said…
cute photo
Love all of your dress up photos of your family
Joanna Jenkins said…
Love those vintage photos of the family. They are always good for a laugh.
Stopping by from Sundays In My City.
DontSayHurry said…
Those are so adorable! I wish hubby would let use take photos like these!
Cinella @ The Mami Blog

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