This is one of the new babies in our family, Little Isabella Gracie!  
I think she looks like the Gerber baby in this, her latest picture.

I am a poor example of a Great Aunt as her nice warm blankie was just mailed off today
even though she was born in the middle of July.

I love working with pinks!  
Here it is my Jeannie Beanie Bumpy Blanket folded in half and draped over my chair.

I love the pretty pink, orange and purple yarn!

The pattern didn't call for a border, but it looked unfinished to me so I added a couple 
rows of single crochet to finish it off.  

Too bad I didn't get it sent out before the cold weather hit North Carolina.  
It was finished December 8th
My pattern is very simple, perfect for beginners.

Chain 60 
Double crochet 40 rows 
Single crochet two rows around adding a chain stitch at each corner.

I used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn.  Machine wash and Dry.
Crochet hook was 5.5MM ( I ) 

Just a note:  This  blanket is now on it's SECOND baby!  Yes, Isabella has a baby sister!

The Blanket has held up well!

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Leovi said…
Pretty Isabella, pure tenderness!
LV said…
You did a great job on this pretty pink blanket. I am sure the mother will be pleased with it no matter when she gets it.
Paulette said…
You are absolutely right, she does look like the Gerber baby, adorable!
Handmade blankets are the best and often times become treasures, I'm sure yours will be loved and used.
Sue McPeak said…
It is never too late to receive a blanket. Love your yarn and I'm sure that 'Gerber Baby' look-a-like will, too. Happy Pink Saturday!
What a cutie! You aren't a bad aunt at all. You are a special aunt to make her this sweet blanket.


Susan said…
Hello Jeannie Marie....Isabella Gracie is an angel. What a very beautiful little baby!

Thank you so much for following my blog. I followed you back!

What state are you in? Susan
What a cutie!! And also your blanket is so lovely!! I used to crochet a long time ago but can't seem to find the time now...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on Anne Marie's Home!! She greatly appreciated it!!

She sure does look like the Gerber precious! Love the colors in this! Sweet hugs!
Unknown said…
As the Worst great aunt in the world.... I am so proud of you! Love you Jeannie bumps!
Poppy said…
Little Isabella is precious and her new pink and purple and orange blanket is very pretty and will keep her cuddly, comfy and warm!

Thanks for sharing Jeannie Marie!

She's adorable. She looks like the Gerber baby, only cuter.

Thanks for visiting. Great to meet you.

Unknown said…
What a buttiful!
And also your blanket is so lovely!!
Thanks for visiting. Great to meet you.">Top
Cheryl said…
That baby blanket looks so cuddly! What a beautiful color combination you've used :-)
big hugs,
mispapelicos said…
Nothing like a new baby, a new life in the family. Such a blessing.
She is precious.
Love and sunshine, dear friend
poutine said…
She absolutely looks like the Gerber baby. So cute.

Nice blanket.


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