Lunch in Cozumel at La Candela

While off the main street at Cozumel
we were implored by a street vendor to come into his shop but we were ready to eat lunch.
He promised to show us a great restaurant if we would come back and shop.

We agreed!

It looked fine!

Even more than fine when we got inside!
This courtyard was so unexpected.

I was charmed by the homemade step
into the dining area.

My sisters listening to the waiter....

And then noticing me holding the camera!

It was warm and rainy but the breeze was cool.  These fans were wonderful.
The high ceiling helped as well.
The lovely room was painted Ruby Tuesday and Monday Mellow Yellow

It was a shock to realize after we ordered that the menu was partially in English...
Spanish on the left, and English on the opposite side.
That sounds odd that we wouldn't notice 
until you realize the food names are the same in English and Spanish.

Choices, choices!  
Instead of my usual ice water....My beverage was errr...a little more colorful

The chips came with a hot cheesy Salsa that was wonderful!

The dining was open air with a charming view.

Because we didn't drink the water, we ordered beer.  But Patty ordered tea.
It was only later that we remembered that tea begins as water.....oops!

Mom is game for anything, even a hike to an unfamiliar restaurant.
She turned 85 the day before.

Wow! Look at that guac!!
I ordered Grilled Fish Tacos.  To die for!
Served on pretty blue and white plates.

Yes?  I'll take three!

Patty and the waiter, David discovered they shared 
a birthday on Dec 24.  A picture had to be taken
of course with all the December birthday people!  The waiter loved us.

Soon the chef came out to see us after hearing how we were swooning
over the delicious meal.  We make friends everywhere, haha! 

Everything was first class...even hand crafted napkin holders..

Here is a map for those who travel to Cozumel.  
You do not want to miss this restaurant!
Now I've spilled the beans,  you can see we weren't that far off the beaten track.

OLE' !!!!

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Cheapchick said…
I haven't been to Mexico in several years, miss the people and the food. Looks lovely! Cheers
The last time we were in Cozumel there were 13 cruise ships in port (26,000 tourists). Needless to say we stayed on the ship. Looks like a wonderful place to visit though. Thanks for sharing.
Tara R. said…
The restaurant looks lovely, and the food delicious.
Patty Antle said…
Oh what a fun time you are having with your family. I love Mexican food too! It all looks delicious. I was so careful when I was there about avoiding what could cause the intestinal issues, but I got them anyway. :(
What a lovely and cozy restaurant! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)
What a lovely place to eat lunch, though I hope your sister was okay after drinking the tea. My husband and mother-in-law went there several years ago and ended up ill from the water- not fun.
Ola!! Thanks for dropping by and visiting my Mexican yellow.

Love mexican restaurants they are always a delight.
Sally said…
Morning Jeannie Marie,

Your mother looks so much younger than you say! I like her blue shirt, and I like those blue plates.

(That man sure knows how to grow a business.)

Happy Blue Monday!
Leovi said…
Yes, you're right, nice photos and wonderful restaurant, the walls of my living room also are painted in those colors, but more color red tile and the palest yellow!
bj said…
O, I didn't know about this place when we were there. My daughter and her family just got home from a cruise there but she didn't mention this place either. We'll look for it next time.
I don't do fish so the Fish Tacos didn't sound a bit good to me but daughter would LOVE them.
Ruth Kelly said…
Lucky you to have sisters.
joyh82 said…
Looks delish! Your sisters look like a happy group. Happy Blue Monday!
I love the way you build the story through all the photos of the minute details, even down to the serviettes! We can just feel the fun you were all having, looks a great holiday!
Wren x
Oh what fun you all were having. I have not been to Cozumel in a long time. I wish I could be there right now :)
Healy Harpster said…
Oh, that was wonderful! It is always nice to go places with family members.
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! I apologize for the super late comment. My workload has been crazy and how untimely my laziness is also attacking me haha

I miss this beautiful post. I was drooling over the hot cheesy salsa and all the food! Your mom looks so cool and great at 85!

Great food and great company, perfect!

Happy Sunday!

PS I love the new look of your blog!

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