It's Fall In Florida

It's finally fall in Florida!  We lose leaves in the fall, specifically the Sycamore trees, but they don't turn colors.  The Oak trees and some other kinds in my neighborhood turn color in January and for just a short time.  It's the last hurrah for them and I really enjoy this bit of color.

The alternative and what is coming next is the horrific leafless Oak, with lots of dripping Spanish moss.  I have several trees in my yard and I feel like my house is in the middle of a haunted grave yard.... but no graves.  It can be really creepy sometimes.


I had to write this up as Mr Me was telling me the story my jaw kept dropping....

A Good Samaritan Story from Florida:

Highway 19 in Florida is infamous. If it was just crazy with traffic populated by senior citizens on the edge of losing their licenses, that would be enough to handle but that is just the beginning. In addition to the seniors are vacationers that do not have any idea of the traffic patterns. We have U turns everywhere and a surprising number of pedestrians along this busy five lane highway. Then we have the people who ride bikes, trikes, homemade vehicles, and motorized scooters along the sandy uneven surface of the roadside. It is the latter vehicle that this story is about. The scooter people. 

To read the rest: CLICK HERE

Coming home from North Carolina I saw new yellow blooms
and a pot full of red begonias by my front porch.  

Life is good.


Savannah Granny said…
Thank you so much for visiting and following. I am following back and look forward to our mutual visits.
I tried to read the Good Samaritan story but when I clicked I was taken to another site profile. I didn't see the story. Just thought you would like to know. I did try several times.
Have a great day, Ginger
Savannah Granny said…
Jeannie, Great, I was already following you. :)Ginger
Jeannie Marie said…
Thanks Ginger! I have fixed the link, thanks for letting me know. I have added stories to this new site and didn't quite understand how to link to the original story. Now I'm good.
Unknown said…
Hi Jeannie Marie!
I'm glad you found Rednesday again.
I'l make sure your on the e-mail list for Rednesday reminders
Celestina Marie said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,
So nice to meet you and visit your lovely blog. I could not see the story but will try again.

Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comment.
Happy Thursday,
Hugs from Texas.
Celestina Marie
April D said…
Your begonias are beautiful. They don't do well in our yard here for some reason--too wet, I think. Fall has arrived in Louisiana too. Not sure I should pull out the pumpkins again, though! :)
Happy Rednesday!
I hear you about the oaks. Ours haven't dropped quite yet for some reason.

That is odd about 19. I have never seen senior citizens driving scooters alongside it, and I drive it quite a bit. Must not be the section I drive. Most of it is forest. But that was a sweet story. There was a man who sat in his wheelchair and begged on US 1. He appeared to be a veteran who lived in the woods. Every time I passed him I was so sad but a little afraid to stop on my own. He sat in the same spot which eventually was plowed up to build a new road. The next time I saw him he was beside a sign up the road in a jacket in the heat. I started to call the FHP to go help him, but some kind man in a truck was stopped and appeared to be talking to him. He pulled down the road, and with another truck u-turned in the middle of the road and appeared to be going back to help him. I never saw him again, and I pray he made it. He used to have little American flags on his wheelchair which led me to believe he might have been a veteran. My heart always went out to him. I only saw him a few times, but he was out, far away from town but near a convenience store.



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