A Favorite Day in Cozumel

 An Impromptu Stop 

We had rented a taxi while in Cozumel last year to take us around just so we could stop when 
we spotted a place we would like to explore

The color of the water in the Caribbean is just exquisite  

 Standing at that beautiful cement wall we could see across the inlet

 We then walked along the wall to see what lay beyond.

 We spotted our ship!  

Also we found iguanas the size of possums!

The shadows in these pictures are perfect to send to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 
Take a moment to click on the link and see featured photos from all over the world.


Susan said…
It all looks so enchanting and yes, the water color is gorgeous. What a wonderful place to visit! Susan
The water looks amazing! What a beautiful place to visit. We saw a squirrel right here in FL the size of a possum! lol Hugs!
Gattina said…
What a beautiful place you had been able to see !
Cheapchick said…
I have been to Cozumel once on a cruise - if we have time this trip we will take the ferry over for the day as it is only 2 blocks from our hotel. The color of the water is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Looks so inviting - it makes me want to go there:)
Unknown said…
What a gorgeous place! It looks amazing. I'd love to go there someday.

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