Spring Hill Botanical Garden Part II

I barely touched the surface with my photographs and the photographs hit the highlights mostly.  The garden is located in a what appeared to be a small area on the map but with so many meandering pathways they have made good use of the land and created quite an extensive garden.  

Here are photos from just the area that they located all the cactus and succulents.

 I enjoyed the little sculptures which is one of the features of this place, everywhere you find little whimsical items tucked here and there, hidden until you turn a corner.  

This was huge cactus was twice as tall as I was and was huge over all.  It seems that the yellow stems come out a bit further then the bloom dies and falls off.   The path was littered with them and there were still hundreds all over the bush.

 As with any desert, you will find bleached bones among the cactus!

 Potted cactus had so many varieties, you can see larger versions
of  all the photos by clicking on them.

 Just to the right was a lovely bench where I could view the entire cactus garden.  The day was cool and there was a cool breeze so sitting on the bench in the sun was nice!  It's not often in Florida that you can enjoy sitting in the sun.

 A little Zen going down with all the rocks placed just so.

 Moving along to the next garden.  


rebecca said…
I am a HUGE fan of "whimsy" in a garden......

Cactus are not my favorite plants, but these are surely interesting!
How pretty! I'll put this on my list of places I want to visit. It got hot here in FL didn't it? We went right into summer! Sweet hugs, Diane
Rajesh said…
Very creatively arranged garden.
Gattina said…
Beautiful the blooming cactus !
Diane Writes said…
Very nice place! I could stay here the entire day. The scenery is relaxing and I love that gate with the metal sun decor.
Linda said…
We visited a botanical garden in California when we visited there a couple of weeks ago. I took so many photos and had to whittle them down so that I can move my blog along.

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