The Botanical Gardens in Spring Hill Florida

In the late winter the trees are still leafing out, leaving dappled shadows on the path.

It was a great surprise to me to read, in an advertising newsletter that came in the mail, that there was a botanical garden very close to home.  The newsletter listed events coming up in the area and mentioned a garden club in Spring Hill that was going to have an upcoming lecture on backyard gardening exclusively with natural Florida plants. When I looked up the club it mentioned that they owned and operated this botanical garden.  I decided that I would not delay going, I would go today.

It was far nicer than I expected and much larger

The photo above and below is part of the fantasy garden.

The lattice makes a pretty shadow!

 Then you follow pathways under twisting branches and through lush greens

The Oriental Garden was charming

 It led to a lovely pond

 This beautiful plant, placed in memory of someones beloved, was in full bloom

 Lily pads didn't hold any frogs today

 There were lots of benches to sit quietly and listen to the wind brushing past casting shadows over me from the overhead trees.

 A tiny magnolia tree was in full bloom by the gazebo.

The blooms were exquisite!  I thought about the Pink Saturday blog.  I haven't posted there in quite some time but will now.

 While I was sitting in the gazebo I welcomed another lone visitor, Joyce.  She is traveling and stopped here in the midst of her trip.  She and I had a delightful visit.  Two kindred spirits who connected immediately.  We discovered we had at one time lived pretty close together in Michigan, so had much to talk over.  It was a happy coincidence we met and are now Facebook friends.

Before leaving we both photographed this rose, one of the few left in the rose garden.  

There is much more to this garden, which I will share in the next post.  

It's a joy to know I can visit from dawn to dusk any day of the week and it's just down the road.

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Rebecca said…
Jeannie Marie! That is an ABSOLUTELY beautiful place! Your photos of the Fantasy Garden are particularly intriguing to me. How incredible that you even made a new friend there. The closest thing we have to it here is the County Extension Garden to which we return several times spring through fall.... But it doesn't appear to be anything as lovely/extensive as your Botanical Garden.
Cheapchick said…
So pretty and peaceful. Might be a great place to take a book next time. I need to do more local exploring - you have now motivated me!
Jill said…
It sure looks like a very peaceful place - so beautiful!!!
racheld said…
It was LOVELY to have you visit at LAWN TEA, and I do hope you'll come by again.

Your tour of the gardens is so beautiful---I smiled all the way through, especially at your serendipity new friend. Sometimes people are just MEANT to meet, aren't they?

Thank you for your sweet words, and I'll be back to delve into your lovely archives.


I didn't know which of the sites on your profile to click on to visit you, and given my overwhelming love of WORDS, I chose the "Stories" one. I DO hope there will be some soon---you have a wonderful gift for the telling.
Patty said…
Beautiful, Jeanne! I know where I want to go with you on my next visit to Florida! You are good at finding amazing places!
Cheryl said…
Oh my... how lucky you are to be so close to that garden. I think the closest one we have is like 5 hours away! Such beauty all around!

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